Midea Lighting cancels agents to establish provincial operation centers

At the beginning of 2014, a new round of competition for LED lighting came to an end, and the situation was even more intense. LED lighting has entered a rapid growth period driven by the government's favorable policies, and the demand in the domestic market has been further released. LED lighting industry will usher in the market explosion period, how LED lighting companies should adapt to meet market demand, keep up with and lead the development trend of LED industry.
This requires companies to build their own core competitiveness, and to meet the needs of products, while having a forward-looking development strategy. In order to seize the commanding heights of the development, Midea Lighting sought a breakthrough in the sales model and took a crucial step: canceling the agent mechanism, establishing a provincial operation center, and a highly coordinated integrated operation center to represent the US lighting for regional market business expansion. , market management, warehousing logistics, after-sales service and many other work, the establishment of the operation center system announced that the US lighting step into the fast lane of development, and sprint the market. After three months of market research and preliminary preparations, in April 2014, Midea Lighting completed the construction of 25 operation centers nationwide and actively participated in the construction of regional markets.
In order to better promote the implementation of the operation center, Midea Lighting has successively launched dealer conferences with the theme of Bright World Beauty in major provinces and cities across the country, enabling operators and regional distributors to agree on development concepts and market strategies. Midea Lighting held a dealer meeting in Changsha, Shijiazhuang and Changchun on April 14, 21 and 22, and the lighting related person in charge of the US detailed the background of the establishment of the operation center for the dealers, and thoroughly analyzed the operation center. Significance of establishment: First, solve the problem of stocking of a large number of distribution outlets, reduce their operational pressure and risks; Second, the marketing platform moves forward, operators can better balance long-term interests and short-term interests, not only improve the satisfaction of distribution outlets, but also Better, more flexible, and more effective to provide business support to ensure the stability and sustainability of sales policies; Third, the warehousing platform moves forward, not only improves logistics response speed, but also greatly improves the efficiency of capital operation throughout the value chain.
It is understood that Midea's full range of lighting LED products have been listed one after another. Operators in various provinces have actively launched the Eagle Action, quickly sinking US lighting products to channel terminals, helping dealers to improve channel distribution capabilities. It can be foreseen that after the channel reform of the US lighting, it will further enhance the market influence of the US lighting industry, and overtake the curve in the LED lighting industry to realize the great development of the LED lighting era.