The New Energy Vehicle Preferential Policy Breeds the M…

According to statistics, in the first half of 2009, the sales volume of imported cars in China reached 153,000, of which imported cars with displacement below 3.0 became the main sales force, while sales of new energy vehicles due to high prices were not satisfactory. For the current dilemma of ne[…]

Petrochemical special equipment needs special care

On June 19th, one of the series of activities of the “Quality and Safety Year” of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company's “Safety in My Heart” special equipment safety manageme[…]

Fast returns to the passenger car transmission market t…

Outside of Venezuela, ZF, and Voith, the bus transmission market has recently seen a familiar and unfamiliar name—the Shaanxi Fast Automobile Transmission Group Company. In the new models deployed by bus companies such as Yutong, Ankai, Huanghai, and Zhongda, the Fast transmission is impre[…]

Denmark's HV-TURBO blower topped the 2009 water ind…

In the "2009 Water Sector Blower Satisfaction Index Survey" concluded recently, the Danish HV-TURBO blower with an international market share of more than 70% ranked first in the satisfaction index, far ahead of other brands. According to reports, the HV-TURBO blower with 12 to 23 airfoi[…]

Wind speed sensor

Wind field measurements generally include two vectors: wind speed and direction. Although the true ideal wind field measurement includes a three-dimensional vector, it is very difficult to determine the three-dimensional vector. Therefore, we usually encounter two measurements—win[…]

August 6 Lecong Steel Market Price Quotes

Product name Specification Material Steel factory/Origin Price (yuan/ton) Than yesterday Last week Hot rolled coil 2.75mm*1250*C Q235 Steel 6330 0 -50 30 Hot rolled coil 3.0mm*1500*C Q235 Tangsteel 6230 0 -20 130 Hot rolled coil 3.0mm*1250*C Q235 Angang 6230 0 -20 80 Hot rolled coil 3.5mm*1250*C Q[…]

Urea market waits for export policy to be clear in shoc…

The quotations of urea companies showed steady declines, but the decline was modest. The urea, which has been circulated in the recent past, still imposes 185% of its export tariffs. It is still not officially announced. Many people speculate that the implementation date may be postponed until Septe[…]