Framebench Releases New Email Markup Tool

According to reports, Framebench's Design Collaboration Services Division has released a new Chrome extension that makes it easy to interpret Gmail's files without downloading them to your computer. The Mail Markup Tool The new Gmail API […]

Demand for LED stocks rebounded due to demand for light…

In the peak season, the LED industry's revenue was better than expected. The legal person said that in the third quarter, the lighting demand will be significantly improved, which will further drive LED factory revenue and profit performance, while the pre-wave LED stocks will follow. The broade[…]

How to determine if a car tire needs to be replaced

Although many people often drive regularly, they do not know much about details such as when to change tires. How to determine if the tire needs to be replaced. 1.Depending on the condition of the groove and the use of the tire "As the grooves become shallower, the vehicle's performanc[…]

Bei Ben Heavy Duty Truck to carry a variety of models t…

According to India’s “Economic Times” reported on Tuesday, Bei Ben Heavy-Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. is planning to introduce some of its train types to the Indian market. It hopes that the new government of India will pay attention to infrastructure construction to reverse the w[…]

2014 is the year of global mergers and acquisitions for…

In 2014, it was the year of mergers and acquisitions for the global parts and components industry. M&A and restructuring in the industry were surging. In the first half of the year alone, according to incomplete statistics, there were more than 30 auto parts companies globally circulating news[…]

· Beijing is calling for a car rental model

The business car rental that has been growing on the blade has finally inevitably hit the supervised muzzle. Recently, the Transportation Committee of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission issued a document prohibiting the use of private vehicles or other non-lease enterprise vehicles for[…]

Talk about "black box"

After a plane crashes, the relevant departments must do everything possible to find the "black box" that has fallen on the plane. Because the black box is the most important and direct evidence for determining the cause of a flight accident. Although called the black box, in fact[…]