Hubei Yichang Fuyang is expected to be approved as a na…

Following Wuhan, Yichang and Fuyang are expected to become the second batch of national e-commerce demonstration cities. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the People's Bank of China, the General Administration of Customs, the State[…]

Bosch layout mid-end power tool industry competition in…

Recently, Bosch Power Tools, a manufacturer of power tools and accessories, announced that its T-series power tools for the mid-end user market have been on the market for a whole year, and sales in China have exceeded 500,000 units. In 2012, we will further enrich the T series product line. Fu Hai,[…]

Why Travel Car Rental Options

Taking advantage of the vacation and preparing to take the family out for a trip, because there are elderly people in the family and would like to rent a comfortable commercial vehicle, I learned from a friend's introduction that Chengdu Kaicheng, a car […]

Shared Car Rental: Mobile Service Mode Makes Travel Mor…

Today, car rentals have become one of the common travel options for urban residents. Currently, with the development of the car rental market, the car rental market is increasingly diversified. Based on the network and mobile phone client rental model, it i[…]

Painter killer everywhere car to understand these

The first thing to see when looking at a car is its lacquer. When the lacquer is rusted, or if it is completely dusty, even if the car is dirty, we do not want to read it. In fact, the lacquer killer is everywhere, the natural oxidation of paint, the exhaust of cars and the iron powder in […]

Aluminum battery research breakthrough: more than 7,500…

Aluminum is considered an attractive battery material, but commercially viable aluminum cells have not yet come out. A Chinese-based research group at Stanford University in the United States published a research report in the online version of Nature on the 6th. The latest aluminum cell developed[…]

March Car Dealership Inventory Warning Index

According to the "Vehicle Inventory Alert Index" published by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the Inventory Inventory Early Warning Index for China's Automobile Dealers VIA (Vehicle Inventory Alert Index) shows that the inventory warning index for March 2015 was 67.[…]