Microchannel Preparation of Ester Processes by Appraisal

On March 27th, the Nanhua Group Research Institute undertook the preparation of the methylene bis dibutyl dithiocarbamate (Y2010A) process development project for microchannels and passed the review of scientific research achievements organized by Sinopec.
Methylene dibutyl dithiocarbamate is widely used in turbine oil, engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, and various greases. Only a few domestic companies can produce this product, but because of the difficulty of operation control, poor product purity and color, and low selling price, it cannot compete with foreign high-end products. For the first time, the Institute adopted a microchannel reactor to prepare Y2010A products. The preparation process is simple, the reaction time is short, the side reactions are few, and the product performance reaches the advanced level of similar foreign products. The project has applied for 3 Chinese invention patents and has independent intellectual property rights.