Automatic glass cutting machine for what industry

Automatic glass cutting machine for what industry The main function of automatic glass cutting machine is to different thickness and different sizes of glass, through a fully automatic operation to complete the glass cutting process. The cut surface will not appear flaws and uneven glass, the size will not occur in manual cutting errors, improve the glass production efficiency. So what are the scope of automatic glass cutting machine?
First, automatic glass cutting machine: automatic glass cutting machine using stepper or servo motor, drive and CNC control system, configuration of imported knife wheel, can achieve various types of optical glass and ultra-thin glass linear, profiled and circular cutting. The machine adopts man-machine operation interface and intelligent optimized cutting through CAD drawing.
Second, the scope of automatic glass cutting machine:
Various types of handicraft glass, optical glass, lens, mobile phone panel and other glass cutting Third, Renyi automatic glass cutting machine has what characteristics 1. Using imported high precision rack, slide, servo motor 2. Import control system, industrial computer, Large screen operation interface, digital control 3. With automatic optimization typesetting function, a variety of system graphic input 4. Cutting line optimization function, single / two-way cutting selection function, back and forth cutter wheel deviation correction function 5. Origin correction function, secondary Origin function, cutting pause function.