Laser cutting machine lens cleaning maintenance considerations

Laser cutting machine lens cleaning maintenance instructions:
Laser lens wipe steps:
(1).Hand wash, dry or dry (2). Put on the finger cuff (3). Gently remove the lens and check (4). First use the air ball or nitrogen to blow off the dust on the lens surface (5). Wipe the cotton ball with the mirror solution to remove the residue (6). Wipe the lens with a proper amount of the wipe solution. Do not wipe it in a rotating manner (7). Replace the lens and repeat step (6). Do not re-use the same lens paper (8). Blow the mirror again with air ball. Laser lens maintenance taboo:
(1). Touch the mirror with your hand (2). Blow on the mirror surface or blow with the air of the air compressor (3). The mirror surface directly touches the surface of the hard object (4). Wipe with non-shaft paper (stick). Or vigorously wipe the lens (5). Press firmly when disassembling the lens