Analysis of Needs of Rail Transit to Machine Tool

Analysis of Needs of Rail Transit to Machine Tool
The demand for machine tools in the rail transit industry can be roughly divided into four aspects: first, rail processing and high-speed railway pillow processing; second, the manufacture of locomotives and vehicles; thirdly, the manufacture of wheels and vehicle parts; and fourth, the operation of locomotives in the rail transit industry. Daily maintenance.
First, track processing and high-speed railway pillow processing
The construction of speed-increasing and high-speed rails and their transformation require new types of speed-increasing turnouts, and the demand for numerical control turntables and milling machines and turnout grinders continues to rise. The high-speed track is laid on a track board that is completely different from the sleeper and requires a special CNC track-plate grinder. A set of approximately 100 kilometers is required.
Second, the manufacture of locomotives and vehicles
In the body part, the body of different locomotives and vehicles is basically a steel box girder structure, which requires the processing of localized surfaces and holes. The amount of CSR and CNR owned by the Ministry of Railways is only used for machine tool procurement in 2009. Up to 5 billion yuan. The future cost is even more incalculable.
Third, the manufacture of wheel and vehicle parts
The demand for machine tools varies among power units, electric locomotives, and electric drive diesel locomotives. Electric locomotive processing focuses on the motor stator, rotor and motor shaft, etc., while electric transmission diesel locomotive processing focuses on diesel engine, generator and transmission parts.
IV Routine maintenance of locomotive operation in rail transit industry
One of the main tasks is to ensure the integrity of wheels and axles, timely repair and replacement of worn wheels and bearings, and to repair axles when replacing bearings. Therefore, this piece is a necessary equipment for CNC wheel lathes, CNC falling wheels, lathes, cylindrical grinders, etc. In addition, with the development of China’s railway construction, the degree of automation in line maintenance will be higher and higher. The demand for road maintenance machinery will also continue to increase.
These four areas cover almost all rail transit industry chains, including road network construction, vehicle manufacturing, operation and maintenance, etc. The amount of the rail transit industry's annual purchase of machine tools is close to 7 billion yuan. Obviously, the rail transit industry has become a very important emerging customer base in the Chinese machine tool market.
The rapid development of China's rail transport industry and the huge demand for machine tool products have attracted attention from machine tool companies. Industrial Control China believes that the development of the rail transit industry and the machine tool manufacturing industry can complement each other and promote each other. The machine tool company should “excellent each other through the Eight Immortals”, seize this difficult opportunity, improve their competitiveness, and strive to gain a share in this emerging market.