Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and sewage treatment

Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and sewage treatment

The use of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters in sewage treatment is relatively extensive. The small editor of Jinhu Weiye Instrument Co., Ltd. introduced several common advantages.

1) The smart electromagnetic flowmeter has the lowest energy consumption. The main reason is that there are no moving parts in the measuring tube of the flowmeter and it will not cause the pressure loss of the liquid during the flow.

2) The flow meter can measure the flow of fouling media, corrosive media and suspended liquid-solid two-phase flow. This is due to the unobstructed flow components inside the instrument measuring tube. The only contact with the measured fluid is the measuring tube lining and the electrode. The material can be selected according to the nature of the measured fluid.

3) Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of volume flow measuring instrument, which is not affected by the temperature, annual and density of the measured liquid.

4) The output value is proportional to the average flow velocity of the measured medium, but not to the flow state (laminar flow or turbulent flow) under symmetrical distribution. Therefore, the range of the electromagnetic flowmeter is very wide, with a measuring range of up to 100:1, and some even reach a flowable range of 1000:1.

5) No mechanical inertia, sensitive response, can measure instantaneous pulsation flow, but also measure the flow in both directions.

6) The scope of the industrial intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is very wide, from a few millimeters to several meters, and the domestic real-calibration equipment with a diameter of 3m has laid the foundation for the application and development of electromagnetic flowmeters.