Foreign companies are involved in LEDs looking forward to bright prospects

The news that lay-off companies are involved in LEDs has nothing new, but recently the rumored beverage leader brand Jiaduobao will also enter LED lighting, and the selling of herbal tea will also join in the fun? Apart from such exaggeration, the rest is just an alternative to LEDs.
In the author's WeChat, almost every day, there are companies that go to the front line, rob the merchants, insert the red flag, and push the information promotion of soft texts. The pictures and texts are mixed, although the contents are different.
Some are uniform salesmen, accepting a variety of devil-style training after the chicken-like expression; some are in various regional stores, outdoor light poles are full of billboards hanging photos; some are not expensive after the renovation is still in the image Appreciate the level of the store.
Human tactics, rapid occupancy, advertising bombing, and concentrated cultivation. This kind of land voting and measuring with the feet is increasing rapidly, although it is very easy to be seized by opponents. Even some companies claim that a business conference can take a city, fast, ambiguous, accurate, and all become marketing keywords. The true year of the year lies in spring, and the spring sales are worth a thousand dollars.
After a round of planning, market fights, smashing, and rushing action, companies have announced the signing amount: 10 million yuan, 100 million yuan, etc. have become the past tense, the billion yuan level has more and more followers, Even these are just numbers that lie on the task responsibility agreement.
At the banquet that is supposed to be a celebration, the manufacturers are full of politeness, but the more hidden in the intertwined is the abacus and the anxiety of drinking. The discussion on the table rarely involves the spirit of career, ideals, responsibility, etc. More is the words such as sales, outlets, payment, and trading. Perhaps the business should be like this. Everything is to the money until the two sides go old.
Overall, this spring is wonderful.
There are traditional light source companies on the one hand: the chaos punches the undead master, while the building electrical products such as exhaust fans are also hard-plugged into the channel, in order to obtain the short-term and cheerful color of the shareholders after the report is publicized.
Some listed companies in Shenzhen are busy correcting the multi-brand homogenous infighting, and the unclear positioning is caused by many of the core partners complaining because of the rapid turn, and the channel is weak.
In the middle and upper reaches of enterprises with vertical application channels, the terminal is difficult to land, and this year's momentum still has insufficient stamina. The middle reaches are large, but the profits are small, and the downstream profits are high, but spending a lot is thousands.
It is said that the lighting channel must have three difficult periods. At the beginning, anyone who can do business at a loss can do it, but it will not last long.
Or, we can look at some examples of the home appliance industry that is in front of the lighting. In the field of air conditioning, the United States has been eager to surpass Gree in scale, and its quality has been inferior to the latter. The marketing of the United States is highly capable of execution and the ability to dare to fight. The advertising is not heavier, the marketing cost is much higher than Gree, and the market terminal has also given a positive response.
It is a pity that after the excitement, the account is lower, the price is lower than the opponent, the cost is higher than the opponent, and the profitability is lower than the opponent. What is even more puzzling is that such an influential famous home appliance company was exposed to its poisonous purple casserole in 2010 by CCTV. Subsequently, the brand's glory of the United States has almost plummeted, until the past two years through internal optimization, external image, plus listing catalyst, can continue to develop steadily.
Over-marketing directly affects the competitiveness of product unit price in the market and the tolerance of enterprises in the capital chain. There are many historical lessons, but there are also many successors. Therefore, these old-fashioned stories have not been gradually reduced due to aesthetic fatigue.
For the end consumers or groups of individuals, perhaps the so-called brand structure and price dramas that LED manufacturers hang on their lips are not comparable to where you and your father go from the stars in their minds. Perhaps in the future, e-commerce has really changed the lives of quite a few dealers, and the advertisements in the sky are only reserved for several brands that have embraced the public's attention. Perhaps, from beginning to end, some companies have not seriously thought about their position in this industry, but they are led by some kind of thought or blind marketing.