How to deal with common faults of centrifugal fans

Introduction: Centrifugal fan drive parts wear is a common equipment problem, including exhaust fan bearing locations, bearing room wear, blower shaft bearing bit wear and so on. Below, we will briefly introduce several common centrifugal fan failures and treatment methods.

How to deal with common faults of centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fan drive parts wear is a common equipment problem, including the exhaust fan bearing position, bearing room wear, blower shaft bearing position wear and so on. Below, we will briefly introduce several common centrifugal fan failures and treatment methods.

First, the centrifugal fan rotor imbalance caused by vibration Causes: 1, centrifugal fan fan blades are seriously corroded or worn; 2, after the fan blade assembly does not run, due to the weight of the impeller and the spindle itself, so that the shaft bending; 3, Non-uniform impeller surface attachments, such as rust, dust or asphalt; 4, transport, installation or other reasons, resulting in deformation of the impeller, causing the impeller to lose balance; 5, balance weight on the impeller off or after repair did not find the balance.

Treatment methods: 1, repair or replacement; 2, re-overhaul, such as the long-term after the final assembly should not be used to prevent shaft bending; 3, removal of attachments; 4, repair the impeller, re-do dynamic and static balance test; 5, find balance.

Second, centrifugal fan fixed parts cause resonance: 1, the cement base is too light or poor grouting or plane size is too small, causing the fan base and ground disjointed, loose anchor bolts, base connection is not solid enough to make its foundation stiffness is not enough 2, the fan base or volute stiffness is too low; 3, with the fan connected to the import and export pipeline without support and soft coupling; 4, the proximity of the facility and the fan is too close to the foundation, or its rigidity is too small; 1, reinforced or Re-grouting, tighten nuts.

Treatment methods: 2, to strengthen its stiffness; 3, plus support and soft coupling; 4, increase the stiffness.

Third, the centrifugal fan bearings overheating causes: 1, centrifugal fan spindle or spindle parts and bearing box friction; 2, motor shaft and fan shaft do not concentric, so that the bearing box within the rolling bearing do not move; 3, bearing Excessive grease in the box; 4. Looseness between the bearing and the bearing box hole. The bolt of the bearing box is too tight or too loose.

Treatment methods: 1, check which part of the friction, and then deal with; 2, adjust the two axis concentricity; 3, the box grease room for the 1/3 ~ 1/2; 4, adjust the bolt.

Fourth, the centrifugal fan bearing wear causes: 1, centrifugal fan rolling bearing ball surface pitting, spots, rust marks and peeling phenomenon; 2, cylinder bearing inner circle and rolling bearing outer circle clearance exceeds 0.1mm.

Treatment methods: 1, repair or replacement; 2, should replace the bearing or increase the box into a circle after the inner set;

V. Causes of Centrifugal Fan Lubrication System Failure: 1. The clearance between the bearing hole of the pump and the gear shaft is too small, the radial clearance between the hole in the housing and the gear is too small; 2. The end face of the gear and the end face of the bearing and the side cover Gap is too small; 3, poor quality of oil, viscosity is inappropriate or excessive moisture.

Treatment methods: 1, maintenance, so that the gap to achieve the required range; 2, adjust the gap; 3, replace the centrifugal fan lubricants.

6. Causes of reduced air volume: 1. Decrease of speed; 2. Blockage of pipes; 3. Seal leakage.

Processing methods: 1, check the power supply voltage; 2, clear the clear pipeline; 3, repair or replace the seal.

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