Asphalt boosts the charging speed of lithium batteries for 5 minutes. Fully charged is no longer a dream.

Going out, everyone is most worried about the lack of power in the mobile phone. Although the fast charging technology is developing very fast, it still needs the help of charging treasure to solve the urgent need. However, the latest research shows that lithium batteries with asphalt support will charge faster, which is 10 to 20 times faster than the current charging speed.

Researchers from Rice University in the United States extracted carbon from asphalt and then mixed it with graphite nanoribbons and coated with a layer of lithium metal. The results show that this asphalt-built battery can be fully charged in a matter of minutes, while asphalt prevents the formation of deposits that shorten battery life.

The lab professor who is developing the battery said, "We can fully charge the battery in 5 minutes instead of two hours or more as usual."

In addition, in the experiment, they found that the battery production process is simpler than the previously developed fast-charging battery. The research team has done hundreds of charging and discharging experiments to ensure the stability of this battery technology.

However, Ben Wood, an analyst at consulting firm CCS Insight, questioned Rice University's research. He said that from the perspective of physics, it does not support fast battery charging.

However, there are still many technology companies that are researching fast-charge batteries. For example, battery startup startup StoreDot announced that it will introduce fast-charging batteries in 2018.

According to Magnesium, as our demand for batteries becomes larger and larger, fast charging is really necessary. As Stuart Miles, founder and CEO of technology news site Pocket-lint, said, “It would be a great achievement to improve the life of our mobile phone or computer like an electric car.”

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