Heavy load condition preferred: Shantui SL56H loader

User Profile <br> User: Ye Boss

Region: Hubei Suizhou

Industry engaged in: Iron ore factory

Holding equipment: SL56H loader

Recommended reason: strong power, efficient fuel economy

In the past two years, the steel industry has continued to recover. Hubei and other small and medium-sized iron ore mines have mushroomed. The Ye boss in Hubei Suizhou wanted to seize this opportunity in the steel market. As a result, an iron ore plant that had been shut down for many years in the county was remanufactured by Ye Bo’s boss Luo. The quiet town in the past was in the roar of the machine. A bit lively.

Shantui SL56H loader

“The recovery of the industry has not come by easily and we must increase production as soon as possible. Otherwise, we may not have a chance to miss this round,” said Ye, who has a keen sense of business. The construction of the mine was started. The initial investment was relatively large. The equipment funds accounted for the bulk, and the loader was an indispensable high-value product in the equipment. To save costs, Ye has purchased two used loaders with a total value of 370,000 in the initial period.

"If you buy a new car, two of them need 600,000 or more, and the funds are too large. The two used cars are 70% new, the working hours are short, the speed is fast, and there is definitely no problem in working." Ye always thinks "wishful thinking". When the construction was officially started, the problem came, the car was a butt, one bucket can only be loaded half at a time, and the bucket was quickly worn out. Faced with this situation, Ye always talked to the Shantui business staff about his distress.

Shantui SL56H loader

“1 Bucket iron ore seven or eight tons, of course, Alice. Your two cars are not suitable for this condition of iron ore, you are a short wheelbase car, wheelbase is less than 2900mm, lack of power, can only be dry "It's just a matter of running a mountain road with a car, but it's a good idea to use an off-road vehicle forever." Shantui business people said, "Re-buying a long-wheelbase car is the only way. Two cars, two drivers, and both oil and wages. It is more efficient than using a long-wheelbase vehicle, but the efficiency is not as good as that of a long-wheelbase vehicle. To get in touch early, we will definitely help you choose a car based on your operating conditions to reduce unnecessary troubles and losses." .

SL56H loader parameters

Shantui launched the SL56H loader in 2017 with a wheelbase of 3,300mm. It is a wear-resistant rock bucket for special conditions such as mines and iron ore. It has a body length of 8100mm and a weight of 17.2 tons. It has a large rise force and can fully meet operating conditions. Job requirements. Despite the financial pressure, Ye always bought a Shanti SL56H loader.

After using the machine for less than half a month, Ye, who had tasted the sweetness, once again proposed to replace his two old cars with old ones and replace them with two long wheelbase SL56H. (This article comes from Shantui)

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