What are the main application areas of amylose measuring instrument?

Among the agricultural products such as corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, and potato, amylose is one of the major components, which is also the key to the quality of these agricultural products. Therefore, in the food inspection, the amylose content of the straight chain is determined Starch tester is widely used. Then, in addition to the application of the instrument to food quality inspection, which instrument is mainly used in which areas?

Amylose measuring instrument

1. Agricultural Breeding and Seed Selection In the process of agricultural breeding and seed selection, amylose measuring instrument is an extremely important testing instrument. Some crops need to reduce the amylose content of crops. This time, we need to use amylose measuring instrument. To screen crop varieties and cultivate low-amylose crops, and some crops need to increase the amylose content of crops. At this time in breeding, it is also necessary to use an amylograph to screen and produce high amylose crops. Variety.

2. Industrial production As the special function of amylose has been increasingly recognized by the market, amylose has been widely used in food, construction, oil extraction and other fields. For example, a new generation of degradable starch plastics produced from high amylose starch can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. It is the direction of plastics development in the future and has a very broad market prospect both at home and abroad. Therefore, the current production demand for amylose is further increased. In order to ensure the smooth progress of industrial production, it is necessary to apply an amylose meter in all aspects to check. In the selection of raw materials, the amylose meter can help the staff to check raw materials and select high amylose crops. For industrial production, and in the production process, amylose measuring instrument can also play a role in optimizing the production process and improving product quality.

It can be seen that, on the road of rapid development of agriculture and industry, the amylose measuring instrument can play its due role, not only providing technical expenditure for crop quality breeding, but also producing and researching special products for amylose. Created conditions, promoted agricultural progress and social development.

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