Explosion-proof distribution box broken connection how to repair?

Explosion-proof distribution box wiring neat, no twisting phenomenon. The wires are tightly connected and do not hurt the core wire and keep stocks. The cross-sectional area of ​​the wire pressed by the two sides of the washer is the same, and no more than two wires are connected to the terminal on the same terminal. Parts such as the lock washer and the wire are tightly connected. In the lighting box, the neutral line (N) and the protective earth (PE line) busbars are respectively arranged, and the neutral line and the protective earth line are allocated through the bus bar. Explosion-proof distribution box verticality: the height of the box is less than 50cm, the allowable deviation is 1.5mm; the height of the box is more than 50cm, and the allowable deviation is 3mm. The lighting box is embedded and firmly installed with a bottom edge height of 1.8m above the ground.
The switch in the explosion-proof distribution box is flexible and reliable, with a circuit for leakage protection, and the current of the leakage protection device is not more than 30mA, and the operation time is not more than 0.1s. The metal frame of the explosion-proof distribution box must be grounded (PE) or zero-receivable (PEN) reliable; openable doors with electrical appliances, bare-braided copper wire connections between the grounding terminals of the door and the frame, and identification. Pay attention to poor safety awareness at work. Some electricians are paralyzed and unresponsive at work and do not strictly abide by safety procedures leading to electric shocks. For example, when equipment such as a line or explosion-proof distribution box is in operation, repairs are not carried out before the inspection is performed; or when the air conditioner is repaired, if the power lamp of the air conditioner is not turned on, it means that the power is off and the repair is performed without electric operation. Electric shock.

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