Yuchai's "soft and hard action" continues to increase manufacturing power

High-quality manufacturing power is the foundation for manufacturing companies to settle down. In recent years, Yuchai has monitored the development of international and domestic manufacturing technologies, identified shortages, and made hardware and software work together to build manufacturing capabilities. This has enabled product quality and cost competitiveness to continue to improve, and has enabled companies to continue to maintain steady growth.

3D printing technology is the most cutting-edge technology in the current manufacturing field. Since 2006, Yuchai has started the process development and research of “modeless rapid manufacturing technology” (one of the 3D printing technologies), and has now applied moldless rapid manufacturing technology to new product trial production, product lightweight process testing, and cutting-edge technology. In the field of high-end technology tests and other fields, in 2014, there were more than 10 kinds of new model prototypes. Yuchai adopts cold-formed 3D printing sand core technology and laser thermoforming 3D printing sand core technology, and independently produces 2mm ultra-thin water jacket sand cores. After the core assembly, it successfully casts the body samples and the application level reaches the international advanced level. Level.

Yuchai also cooperated with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and sent out management teams, technical teams, and technician teams to advanced enterprises in Europe and the United States and domestic advanced companies to conduct benchmarking studies so as to enhance their manufacturing technology and innovation capabilities. At present, Yuchai is cooperating with German companies to develop high-end ultra-thin core manufacturing technology. In October this year, Yuchai cooperated with the General Research Institute of Machinery Science and Technology to build the Yuchai Rapid Manufacturing Base, the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment in South China. Based on the construction of the base, Yuchai took advantage of the talents and technical advantages of the General Research Institute of Machinery Science to deepen the cooperation and exchange on new technologies, new processes, and new methods of equipment manufacturing and improve Yuchai's manufacturing capabilities.

In early 2014, Yuchai completed the adjustment of its organizational structure, splitting and integrating the original four engine plants into six engine plants, so that each engine factory has formed a one-stop production capacity from machining to assembly, making the factory more specialized. Serialization. After the adjustment of the organization, Yuchai checks the capacity of each production line, fills up the gaps, fills in a batch of advanced equipment, and further optimizes and improves the logistics efficiency, so that the capacity of each production line is systematically upgraded, and the manufacturing capacity reaches an unprecedented level. .

In terms of new production capacity, Yuchai invested a lot of funds to build the ship's electric power production capacity based on the development trend of marine power and power generation power market. In August of this year, Yuchai's high-power engine assembly line entered the trial production phase, laying a solid foundation for Yuchai’s massive expansion into the ship power market. In addition, the construction of gas engine factory test capability construction projects and large castings production capacity building projects have also further consolidated the Yuchai manufacturing base.

This year, Yuchai has comprehensively combed and inventoried its own manufacturing capabilities from the fields of rapid manufacturing, materials, foundry, processing, assembly, and digital manufacturing, based on the development of manufacturing technologies in the international and domestic markets. For the weak link, Yuchai is formulating plans for the future of manufacturing power, and will continue to enhance its manufacturing capabilities from both soft and hard power to achieve high-quality manufacturing in China.