·Volvo to create a super-luxury version of the XC90 Shanghai Auto Show released

After the Volvo Car Group unveiled the second-generation XC90 crossover SUV last year, it will begin to deliver vehicles in the first half of this year and will create a top-of-the-line ultra-luxury version. This top XC90 is expected to be launched at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.
The ultra-luxury version of XC90 is ready to go. In August 2014, Volvo launched a new generation of XC90 cross-border SUV, which triggered the focus of Chinese and foreign media. At the time, it was reported that Volvo would create an ultra-luxury version of the XC90 for markets such as China. The news was confirmed by Lex Kerssemakers, vice president of product strategy at Volvo, which is indeed interested in building a more luxurious XC90. However, Kerssemakers declined to give details.
Volvo's second-generation XC90 is the first product developed by Volvo after its return to Ford, and is also the first model based on the SPA architecture. In the coming period, the XC90 will be the most luxurious and high-profile model of Volvo, and it also represents the direction of Volvo product positioning.
Lex Kerssemakers said that the standard version of XC90 is better in China and gives Volvo more confidence to develop high-end models. It said: "The old Volvo XC90 has been 12 years old, and now we are turning to new users. So far we have received 6,000 XC90 pre-sale orders, although we have not arranged for even one car to enter the dealer city showroom for People ride or test drive."
China is the core market The previous statement is that the ultra-luxury version of the Volvo XC90 is built for the Chinese market, using a four-seat layout, different from the standard version of the XC90 three-row seven-seat seating layout.
This statement is slightly different in details. According to sources, the ultra-luxury/premium version of the XC90 will be available only for a few specific markets, including China; the new car can be selected in four versions, and the rear space is more abundant; the interior is more refined, and the ride comfort is enhanced. Feel like the living room in the living room.
In order to achieve the uniform function of the front and rear rows of seats, the ultra-luxury version XC90 removed the standard second and third row seats, replaced by two seats that are identical to the first row, and have the same luxury features as the front row. Includes a range of electronically controlled adjustments, extendable cushions, adjustable seat back width and massage function.
According to sources from Volvo, the rear seats of the ultra-luxury version of the XC90 are positioned later than the second row of the standard version, giving the rear passengers "excellent legroom."