Yanbian Prefecture achieved 83% of mechanization of agricultural machinery last year

In 2016, Yanbian Prefecture's agricultural mechanization work adhered to the deployment requirements of provincial and state rural work conferences and the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Working Conference and insisted on “increasing total volume, adjusting structure, transferring modes, changing functions, grasping services, promoting promotion, and bringing teams and trees to be typical”. The company's working ideas are centered on the transformation of functions, with innovative services as the carrier, and focused on improving service platforms, expanding service channels, and improving service quality, focusing on cultivating development entities, building a talent pool, strengthening public services, and vigorously developing agricultural machinery and industries of a large scale. Agricultural machinery, efficient agricultural machinery, and fine agricultural machinery. The total power of Yanbian Prefecture reached 2.237 million kilowatts, with 89,933 tractors and 218,456 agricultural machines.

In Yanbian Prefecture, the farmland area is 4.675 million mu, the level of machine farming reaches 90.6%, the machine sowing area is 5.046 million mu, and the machine seeding level reaches 88.2%; the machine-inserting area of ​​rice is 504,000 mu, the rice transplanting level reaches 87.8%; the no-tillage sowing area is 602,000. Mu; machine harvest area of ​​3870000 acres, machine harvest level reached 67.9%; Yanbian comprehensive mechanization level reached 83%.

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