33 Pure Electric Vehicles Serving Beijing City Sub-center

Recently, 33 pure electric sanitation vehicles were delivered and they will be used for sanitation cleaning of the Beijing City Sub-center. In the next two years, the new energy of urban sanitation vehicles will reach 50%.
33 Pure Electric Vehicles Serving Beijing City Sub-center 33 Pure Electric Vehicles Serving Beijing City Sub-center

The 33 pure electric sanitation vehicles have been independently developed by Beijing Sanitation Group and cover a wide range of models such as road sweepers, sprinklers, and dump trucks. It will be applied to the main roads of Tongzhou City, such as cleaning, cleaning, garbage collection and transportation. Relevant person in charge said that on-the-road operation of a pure electric sanitation vehicle will completely realize zero emission and zero pollution, and can effectively reduce the concentration of PM2.5 in the air.

Automatic Feeding Machine

Model: XY-AL200 / XY-AL500 / XY-AL800 / XY-AL1200


Automatic feeding machine mainly through the use of 60 tons of hydraulic pressure as the driving force, can be used to push scrap plastic/ tires with hydraulic column extrusion into reactor, the whole operation process is stable, simple and convenient.


Fully automatic design, save time and manpower;

Highly improve the feeding capacity: manually feeding can only reach 150-170KGS/m³. By using the automatic feeding machine, it could reach to 240-280KGS/m³, which greatly improve the feeding capacity.

Automatic Feeding Machine 


Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder Machine,Pyrolysis Feeder,Auto-Feeder

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