MAN Cryo receives an order for a ferry LNG fuel system

Mann (ship hangar) diesel engine (purchasing supply) and MAN Cryo, a manufacturer of marine LNG gas systems from Turbo, have signed a contract with Turkey's Sefine Shipyard to supply a marine LNG gas supply system to an Italian ferry.

         The LNG gas supply system includes a 150 cubic meter vacuum insulated storage tank and ancillary equipment including a LNG vaporizer, pressure recovery unit, fuel storage station and heat exchanger (purchased from the product library).

         The MAN Cryo gas supply system will supply gas to the three dual-fuel propulsion engines (purchasing supply) of the ferry and will be delivered in November 2017. The ferry is the first of its kind to be propelled by LNG.

         The MAN Cryo gas supply system will be installed in an LMG Marin company designed for the Italian company Caronte & Tourist and will be mainly responsible for the Mexican tour between the town of San Giovanni and the town of Messina from the Italian mainland to the Sicilian access point. Take the double-ended ferry operated by the Straits.

         The two car decks of the 133-meter and 21.5-meter wide ferries can carry 290 cars and 1,500 passengers.

         MAN Cryo has been in the gas field for more than half a century and is developing and delivering advanced and efficient gas technology solutions for the marine market, such as cryogenic equipment for marine gas systems. Mann acquired MAN Cryo (formerly Cryo AB) in 2016 and changed its name to MAN Cryo, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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