The "hard guy" is the "high IQ Yanba": Foton Aoling CTS super light truck depth test drive experience

From the Beijing Auto Show in April to the stunning Foton Aoling CTS Super Truck, by the beginning of August, Foton Aoling CTS Super Light Truck was launched nationwide. Foton Aoling set off the “Future Intelligence” trend in the light-duty truck industry. Transport reporters also had the opportunity to witness The Olympian CTS super light truck was launched at every critical moment.

On October 9, the Transporter reporter came to the headquarters of Foton Motor to visit the “Birthplace” of the Olympic Bell CTS Super Light Truck, and through a deep test drive, he experienced the super hero of “tough guys” who combined scientific and technological wisdom and value. charm.

Root-seeking source of super "birthplace"

2016 coincided with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Foton Motor, Ao Ling's new CTS super light truck with M3 upgrade M4 platform officially launched to the market, is a surprise gift for the high-end light truck market brought by Foton Motor.

The Foton Auto Super Truck Factory has achieved product upgrading and process level upgrades to meet the technical and production requirements for the production of Ao Ling Super Light Trucks and other products.

Tough guy style super ride on the scene After the professional driver's safety explanation, a Futian Ao Ling CTS super light truck entered the venue, announced the start of the “Super Dive” Fukuda Austrian Bell super light card media depth test drive event.

What is the difference between the Aoling CTS super light truck? Obviously, it is easy to find out that the Olympian CTS cab has changed its original sleek shape, with a more square and handsome front face. The body design is more refined in details, such as vertical combination headlights, panoramic front windshields, and super The fish-tailed electroplating grille continuation of the light truck series will make the new generation of light-card users excited.

In addition, Ao Ling CTS also installed a shroud design, visually better integration into one, so that the air between the cab and the car is better and will achieve the effect of reducing fuel consumption. Aoling CTS super light trucks have a 4m3 larger capacity than similar light trucks. The loading capacity of the same model is even better. As a transportation vehicle in the logistics 4.0 era, the Ollington CTS super light truck seems to be coming from a future generation and exudes the beauty of scientific and technological wisdom.

The layout of the cab was reasonable. At the beginning of the design, it was felt that the needs of long-distance transportation and delivery were taken into consideration. The three adult men could not be crowded. At the same time, the comfortable driving position brings a better driving experience than similar models, which helps to reduce long-term driving fatigue.

A vehicle called the "super light truck" relies not only on superior value but also on "internal strength." Transport reporters carried out test rides and test drives on the Ao Ling CTS super light truck loading containers and flatbeds.

Through dynamic tests, climbing tests, safety tests, and other items, it is experienced that vehicle speed-up performance is always good and speed increases quickly. Thanks to the installation of power steering and optimised lifting, the steering wheel feels very flexible when steering. During the entire journey, the noise in the cab is very small and the driver can concentrate on driving safely. In addition, Aoling CTS uses the latest joint shaft locking mechanism to improve the comfort of the shift and the smoothness of the entire vehicle.

"Hard guy" has a strong "heart": Olling CTS super light truck equipped with Cummins engine, has strong power, good durability, reliable performance, low noise, good fuel economy and other characteristics, the engine uses Bosch high pressure common rail system +SCR emission technology can meet the national five emission standards. In addition to Cummins power, the vehicle also uses ZF technology 6-speed manual gearbox, which gear grinding process greatly improves the smoothness of the vehicle shift. The rear axle adopts the five-axis dry cutting technology of the Mizuhashi rear axle. The overall power and transmission system are optimized and matched. The maximum speed at full load can reach 122.5 km/h. At the same time, maintenance at an interval of 20,000 kilometers can reduce operation and maintenance costs.

For a long time, the performance of Foton's light trucks has been ranked first in the industry. Positioning the mid- and high-end target markets for light trucks is a solid foundation. Ao Ling light truck fully covers the needs of users, and has established a leading position for years of outstanding market performance.

Zhou Yejun, deputy general manager/brand director of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.'s light commercial vehicle business division, explained: “As one of the strategic business brands of Foton Motor, the Olympic Bell brand is positioned in the mid- to high-end light truck target market, with leading technology and upgrading. Promote the upgrading of China's light trucks for core value propositions.” The Olympic Bell CTS super light trucks are adapted to the “last mile market” for higher demand for safety, fuel economy, intelligence, aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency, and will undoubtedly be Futian light trucks in logistics. In the 4.0 era, the "constant sea needle" to further consolidate the market position.

In the edible oil pressing plant, before the extrusion of oil from oil containing materials, an oil pretreatment process is typically undertaken to improve the efficiency of production and to ultimately save on costs. The entire oil milling process generally includes: cleaning, sieving, hulling, separation, cracking, particle making, frying, softening, flaking, drying, and expelling oil materials. The process: cleaner --> sheller --> huller --> crusher / flaker --> steam cooker --> softening --> extruder --> dryer.

Oil Pressing Plant Pretreatment

In the oil pressing plant/edible oil pressing plant, the pretreatment process typically involves working procedures for removing impurities from the oil material. Such impurities include the following items:
  • Organic impurities, such as stems and leaves, cords and chemical fibers.
  • Inorganic impurities such as soil and metal.

Advantages of Our Oil Pretreatment Technology

  • Heated shelling features means to reduce energy consumption.
  • Double dehulling process which raises the shelling ratio to up to 85% with oil residue in hulls reduced to below 1.5%.
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  • With years of research experience on screw Oil Press machine ,we can reach residual oil and low energy consumption. 
  • Complete pre-treatment system can be controlled automatically.

The Goal of Oil Pretreatment

  • Improve the quality of the oil and the cake.
  • Increase rate of productivity; reduce residual oil.
  • Increase treatment capabilities of the equipment.
  • Lessens wear and lengthens the life of the equipment.
  • Ensures safety.
  • Expansion improves the rate of productivity and the quality of the oil cake.

Oil Pretreatment Process

  • Warm hulling process reduces energy consumption.
  • Double cracking and hulling process improves the hulling ratio and reduce oil residue in the hull.
  • High volume hull bin makes production flexible.
  • Makes it possible to produce meals of various protein content (includes meal milling).
  • Adopts the complete explosion puffing process.
  • Automated controls.

Vegetable Oil Pressing Plant Turnkey Project

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