Is it better to use leaf area detectors or traditional methods to determine the leaf area of ​​plants?

Before the leaf area detector appeared, many people used the traditional method such as grid method to determine the leaf area of ​​the plant. Although this method can also determine the leaf area of ​​plants, many people also respected this method and thought There is no need to use leaf area detectors for replacement, but it is undeniable that with the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, the use of agricultural instruments to replace traditional backward detection methods is a trend is a trend, let alone leaves The application of the area detector can solve many drawbacks of the traditional method and significantly improve the efficiency of the detection.

Leaf area detector

Taking tomato leaf area as an example, in the past traditional methods of detection were used, and the measurement process was relatively tedious. First, a grid with an area of ​​1 mm^2 square was drawn on the paper with a ruler, and then one piece of tomato leaves was randomly picked up. The tomato leaves are spread out and spread on a drawn grid. The outline of the leaves is drawn on the paper with a pencil. The area of ​​a tomato leaf is estimated by means of a grid. Finally, the number of leaves is estimated and the total tomato leaf area is obtained. Therefore, although it is possible to calculate the total tomato leaf area, there is a certain difference between the book estimate actually measured here and the actual result, which is seriously inconsistent with the development of modern precision agriculture.
However, if a leaf area detector is used for measurement, not only can the operation process be simplified, but also living leaf area measurement can be achieved, and the measurement results can be obtained in a shorter period of time, and the measured data can be more accurate. This measurement method is more in line with the development needs of modern agriculture and meets the requirements of modern rapid measurement, on-site measurement, and on-site judgment. It can play a significant role in promoting the level of agricultural technology and improving the efficiency of agricultural production. Therefore, from these aspects, the determination of the plant leaf area is significantly better than the traditional method using the leaf area detector.

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