Which equipment on the car exist for "face"?

This is the Po Chun 730, we look at the front, there are LED daytime running lights. The 80,000 yuan car has this configuration is not really a big news, but the special place is that the 1.8L model of the Baojun 730 does not have this configuration, and the 1.5L top version with a slightly lower price has it instead. Speaking of this discovery, everyone around us is puzzling.

However, a few days ago a friends (who is, and we went to Tibet) told me that his house is located in Hebei four city / county, will own a lot of people go to buy a car after the installation of a daytime Headlights. Not to mention that I didn’t think about it. In fact, I’ve seen many such daytime running lights that I have installed in Guangdong.

What is the purpose of these consumers to retrofit daytime driving lights? I believe that 99% is not designed to improve daytime driving safety. Driving headlights during the day may have the possibility of being stopped by the traffic police to turn off the lights. The concept of daytime driving lights is still too advanced. Why do you want to turn on the lights during the day, or even pay for your own retrofit? This is actually the reason: there is face.

The "face" of daytime driving lights can be expressed in two ways. First, this is the outstanding feature of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other high-class cars. If your own car has something, it feels natural to move closer to them. Second, drive to pick up friends and family. The traffic is rolling on the road.俺 , ” is also a kind of face.

In this way, everyone understands that Bao Jun's standard daytime driving lights on the 1.5L model are smart actions that may well meet the taste needs of its target users. I suspect Baojun should have done a very accurate user configuration requirements research (and perhaps their own accumulated experience) before making such an arrangement.

Speaking of user configuration research, I also think of two other examples.

We were testing an Angkorella for a long time and had a very trendy head-up display on it, but there were no more commonly used electric seats and automatic headlights. We all think this is a very strange mix.

But not long ago, I talked with Chang An (Changan, an independent brand, not Changan Mazda) who was in charge of product planning. He disclosed that he was targeting young people (the current “young people” are generalized to 90 and brought with them a part of 85). In the requirements research, the heads-up display is considered a very cool configuration. We know that some mobile phone apps (such as Baidu navigation) allow you to place your phone on the dashboard and reflect it to the front windshield to create a head-up display effect; if you buy a car with a factory-head-up display, and the mobile phone kind of " Hanging wire "played more than one level, instantly taller there is a wooden ...

The same explanation can also be used for automatic headlights. According to my experience, automatic headlights are the best configuration for any model in China at all levels. Because it is both convenient and conducive to safety, it is too much for those who darken and forget to turn off the lights into the tunnel.

However, there are a lot of consumers who think that automatic headlights are useless, or not easy to use, or easy to be damaged. (The reason is that automatic headlights are too sensitive to switch over at the end of an overpass, fearing that the life of such lights will be shortened. Not much shortened.) Even if the purchased car has an automatic headlight, many people have to manually turn it off. This proves that the automatic headlight is a kind of equipment that is not understood by the user (at least part of it). Many researches that the manufacturer may do reflect this result. Besides, your car has or does not have an automatic headlight, and it is not easy for anyone other than yourself (including passengers who ride on the car) to see it, so this is not a configuration that can show face and grade. So we see that the automatic headlights, which are actually not very costly, are far from universal.

Angkorra has looked up and showed no electric seats; Ralink has electric seats and no automatic headlights. These manufacturers are increasingly understanding how to grasp market tastes.

The influence of market tastes on model products is in line with economic laws. However, there are pursuing and sentimental manufacturers who should not blindly adapt to the laws of economics. They must also “impose” what they consider to be truly good to consumers—that is, the manufacturers I admire. Unfortunately, they have become less and less.

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