Study of Soil Moisture and Temperature Conditions Using a Rapid Soil Moisture Temperature Meter

Climate is the main factor in soil development. The effect of climate on soil can be clearly seen from the soil characteristics. Among them, soil moisture temperature plays a decisive role in various physical and chemical processes of soil, and is an important feature of soil. They are also a major factor in plant growth. Because of this, the U.S. classification of soil slope systems was the first to use the soil moisture and temperature conditions as diagnostic characteristics, and given certain definitions and boundary indicators to be used in the retrieval system to distinguish soil types. The soil moisture potential at the soil contact surface (within a depth of 15 to 75 cm). The soil temperature condition refers to the temperature and its variation measured at the soil centimeters. Strictly speaking, the soil moisture and temperature conditions used in the definition The value is the water and temperature values ​​corresponding to the accumulated frequency of 0.5 in the statistical cumulative frequency distribution of measured values ​​over a long period of time (30 years), and if it is a normal distribution, it is equivalent to the arithmetic mean. For the data of the year, it is better to take the value of it.The moisture content of the soil can be measured by Tops Quick Soil Moisture Analyzer, which can help the related research.

In accordance with stringent requirements, obtaining soil moisture temperature conditions will be a very large task, and due to the limited conditions, it is also very difficult to install tension meters and thermometers in certain locations. Therefore, the use of climatological data combined with the results of a rapid soil moisture analyzer to calculate soil moisture and temperature is a topic of interest for soil taxonomists. However, in addition to climatic factors, topography, vegetation, and upland factors all affect the temperature and moisture conditions within the soil, so there is an inevitable error in estimation. Even so, in the absence of soil temperature and moisture measurement data, this estimate still plays an important role.

It is not difficult to see through the fast soil moisture temperature meter that the use of upland moisture and temperature conditions has important implications in soil classification. However, accurate data acquisition will also be a very large and arduous task. At present, both in the length of data records and the use of data resources, China's soil system classification research is very lacking. Therefore, in-situ observation studies of representative points need to be stepped up, and local climatic data and other relevant data should be obtained at the same time for further conversion. This is a very good measure for improving China's soil taxonomic research and establishing a complete database of data. Effective and very urgent.

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