·Started the electric vehicle charging facility product recognition mark in April

The new national standard for electric vehicle charging infrastructure has been officially implemented since January 1, 2016. How to implement the new national standard, and companies in the automotive industry need to learn more about the new standards. On the morning of the 11th, the new national standard implementation mobilization meeting for electric vehicle charging infrastructure was held in Beijing. More than 40 Chinese electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotion alliance members and observer units attended the meeting.
Deputy Director Wang Li of the Second Division of the National Standards Commission proposed to implement the new standards: First, the implementation of the new national standard will effectively promote the interconnection and intercommunication of charging facilities. Second, the implementation of the new national standard will accelerate the implementation of the national standards for charging facilities. Third, continue to deepen the standardization of charging facilities.
Tong Guangyi, deputy director of the Power Department of the National Energy Administration, proposed that the unified charging interface standard is the basis for the interconnection and efficient development of vehicle piles. The development of the charging infrastructure in the next stage mainly includes five aspects: one is to accelerate the realization of interconnection; the second is to continue to advance The policy is grounded; the third is to supervise the special planning and layout; the fourth is to do a good job in information statistics; the fifth is to carry out pilot demonstrations.
China Electric Power Industry Association and China Automotive Technology Center have interpreted five new national standards for "electric vehicle conduction charging interface and communication protocol", State Grid, China Putian, BYD, Autosex, Xuji Group, Wanbang New Energy, etc. The representatives of the member units exchanged the implementation plan of the new standard, and the secretariat of the alliance carried out work arrangements for the next phase of the action plan for the implementation of the new standard. The chairman of the alliance, Dong Yang, stressed the need to pay attention to safety issues while avoiding loopholes in policy, electric vehicles by car products. The standard must have a recall plan. The introduction of the new standard is only the beginning, and there is still much work to be done to implement the application, verification, standard revision, etc.
It is reported that around the promotion of the new standards will also carry out training, electric vehicle charging facilities product recognition mark, new standards implementation tracking. On April 1st, the approval mark for electric vehicle charging facilities will be officially launched.

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