Three generations of playing poor camera? This is not the case in the automotive world!

The phrase "playing poor SLR three generations" is actually not rigorous, even if it is more advanced Canon - 5D Mark III, bare metal prices are also "district" of about 15,000. More precisely, it is the lens group that really makes people forbear. In the circles in which the media is dealing with the camera every day, there are too many cases of “deprivation due to the mirror”. However, when it comes to cars, this is not the case. The camera has become a cheap solution for many technological functions.

Case I: Blind Area Alert System

When the tangent lane changes, there will be a blind spot on the side of the car. If the next car falls within this range, the rear-view mirror cannot be seen, and the danger of changing lanes can be imagined. The traditional method is to use a multi-arc rearview mirror. The outside of the rearview mirror is designed as a convex mirror to expand the field of view, but distorted imaging is not acceptable to everyone. Borrowing from modern technology, Volvo first equipped blind zone assistance. The principle is to use radar waves to scan the blind spot on the side of the car. When an object is swept out, it will be alerted by the warning light on the A-pillar or rear-view mirror. The blind spot reminder system of this principle is also used in many brands such as Audi, Ford and Buick.

Compared with radar surveillance, the cost of the camera will be lower, so there is a "camera type" blind zone alert represented by Na Zhijie, Honda and other manufacturers. This blind area reminds the camera at the rearview mirror to take a picture of the rear and display the screen at the center console when playing the turn signal. In contrast, this method does not have a radar blind spot to remind “fools” and requires the driver to judge on the screen whether the current lane change is safe or not. In addition, if you encounter heavy rain, the pictures taken by the camera will become very blurred. From a cost point of view, the "camera type" is lower than the "radar wave type," but in fact it has its advantages, that is, to see the actual picture, and my heart will be more practical. In general, individuals feel that there is no obvious difference between the two methods when they are used.

Case 2: Automatic Parking

More than 95% of automatic parking on the market is based on radar waves to identify parking spaces. For example, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Jeep and other brands use this principle. After two generations of development, radar-based automatic parking has been very easy to use. The speed of the side-by-side parking is estimated to be faster than that of more than half of domestic drivers. It is easy for novices to rely on it. After the automatic parking is turned on, the system will automatically scan the surrounding parking spaces. After a successful scan, the R-block will enter the automatic parking process.

In addition to the mainstream radar-based automatic parking, there are a few manufacturers use the camera-based automatic parking system, Honda belongs to the representatives. In contrast, this automatic parking is only applicable when the surrounding is “clean”. Due to this kind of automatic parking, the driver needs to participate in many places. The steps are tedious and takes a long time, so the opportunity of being “behind” the vehicle is very large.

As shown in the figure above, the Odyssey has a parking system that requires the driver to carefully move the car to the green frame on the screen to align with the desired parking space, and then enter the automatic parking state. But you don't want to be too happy. You have to hang in D to move the car forward (just control the throttle) before you start to enter the reverse state. In contrast, the radar wave type automatic parking, the first step directly into the reverse storage status. Comparing the two principles, radar waves have overwhelming advantages in use. The advantage of the camera is of course lower cost. In addition to the Odyssey, for example, this car originally had a 360-degree panoramic system, and the camera around the car body would be able to achieve multiple uses.

Case 3: Night Vision System

The night vision system is an example of military technology decentralizing the automobile field. In the field of luxury cars, night vision systems are divided into two types, active and passive. The active representative is the Mercedes-Benz S-class, of course, there are BYD Rui Rui this retro-day models, low-end cars are also equipped with active night vision. The so-called active night vision is to emit infrared light through the outside world, and then receive the reflected infrared light to display the screen on the screen, thereby discovering objects that are invisible to the naked eye. (Do not think about it, not that the dirt... ).

We then say passive night vision. The formation is represented by the BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and others. Passive night vision is the same as a heat detector, which recognizes dark objects by heat and eventually displays the screen on the screen. Both active and passive night vision have their own lengths. The passive night vision observation distance is farther than the active night vision, but the principle of "exploration of heat" determines that it can only find organisms, and "dead matter" cannot be presented to the screen. Therefore, the rendered image will be more abstract (as shown above. Show).

As mentioned earlier in the blind spot reminder, as well as examples of automatic parking, the camera once again appeared as a low-cost solution. The night vision system equipped with various models of Na Zhijie is based on the ISO camera. This principle can be imagined, if the object itself is not light, the camera is powerless. From the actual use point of view, this night vision system can be classified as chicken equipment. Compared to the extremely grainy picture (due to the high ISO value), it is better to rely on the naked eye to observe it more closely. When there is something that you can't even see with the naked eye, it's estimated that it can't do anything.

Product Description

The Overhead Crane parts operator drive cab for china brand crane are developed for the crane operator`s specific circumstance, providing driver a safe place, full visibility of operation area and comfortable working environment. With advanced welding and manufacture technics, the walls and frame are accurate measured and get smooth appearance. Door and windows are well sealed and water & shock proof.

1. We have kinds of Crane Cab.

2has operator chair.

3.has mobile curtain

4.the thermal-protective coating

5. Crane Cab glass is hyaline, it is tempered glass.

6. has air conditioner

Crane Cab overhead Crane Cab

Main Features

1. Mechanism Variable frequency.

2. Surface treatment: Shot blasting.

3. Paining: Three layers, primer, top coat and anti-rust painting.

4. Electrical Components: Schnider, SIMENS or as request.

5. Construction: More space and better vision, blot joint with rubber anti-vibration pad for cabin bracket and steel construction.

6. Insulation:Rock wool with thermo and noise resistance will be inserted into the interspaces of the structure.

7. Windows: The windows adopt 5 mm tempered safety glass and rubber profile for high temperature and water proof. Push-out window with gas piston system to maintain it open.

8. Door unit: The door is equipped with roller blinder, safety bar and lock with key.

9. Floor: The floor is made with 3 mm removable steel panels with anti-slip rubber mat on it. A special sheet for cabling is laid on the space between floor and bottom to prevent abrasion of the wire insulation against the steel material.

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