Application case of Huichuan HD90 high-voltage frequency converter on screw air compressor

The air compressor is the main body in the air source device, which is a device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually an electric motor) into gas pressure energy, and is a pneumatic generating device for compressed air. The common types of air compressors are volumetric and dynamic. The modified screw air compressor is one of the volumetric air compressors.

2 On-site overview The customer is a coal mining enterprise with an actual production capacity of 600,000 tons/year. Now, two high-pressure air compressors are used as the air source device for the downhole pneumatic tools. Since the power grid capacity is relatively small, it is impossible to directly start the power frequency. In addition, the air compressor itself will have a lot of energy waste. The customer finally decided to choose the Huichuan HD90. The high-voltage frequency converter performs frequency conversion transformation on the air compressor.

The relevant parameters of the air compressor are as follows: (7) Rated frequency: 5Hz. 3 The pre-retrofit high-pressure air compressor usually adopts the power frequency start mode, and the air compressor start/stop signal directly controls the high-pressure contactor to close/open, the air compressor The drive motor is directly started at the power frequency, as shown in the figure.

Air compressor power frequency control diagram During the operation of the air compressor, according to the pressure detected by the pressure tank, the control valve is loaded and unloaded to ensure that there is sufficient air source under the pressure tank pressure certificate well; At the time, there are mainly the following shortcomings: the stability of the sound grid and the operational safety of other electrical equipment; (2) the air compressor often runs at no-load operation, the power is wasted seriously, and it is in a non-economic operation state; some components have a high operating frequency ( Such as solenoid valve, etc., resulting in high maintenance costs of the equipment; 4 Huichuan technology HM0 air compressor transformation program high-voltage inverter Huichuan HD90 frequency conversion transformation plan Huichuan technology according to the actual situation of the site air compressor, to provide customers with motor power The matched high-voltage inverter, model HD90-J100/450-DN, uses the built-in PID adjustment mode to adjust the motor speed in real time through the pressure value in the pressure tank, thus achieving the purpose of constant voltage output. Show.

The inverter adopts the remote control mode, and the start/stop signal is given by the air compressor control. The running signal and fault signal of the inverter are fed back to the air compressor control system, which retains the customer's original operating habits and greatly facilitates the customer's use. .

5 Huichuan HD90 pressure inverter transformation advantages for motor control, realizing a real soft start, no inrush current during the start-up process.

When the machine is used for frequency conversion transformation, it often faces the scene that cannot be started normally, and reports “low system oil pressure”.

Such as failure, this is the power frequency design protection function, need to ensure that the inverter accelerates to 50Hz in ls to avoid this fault. Huichuan frequency converter adopts advanced flux linkage closed-loop vector control technology, which has excellent acceleration and deceleration control performance, which satisfies the requirements of acceleration performance of air compressor start-up. The acceleration performance is shown in the figure.

For process type loads, the control accuracy requirements are relatively high, and the common control methods often fail to meet the demand. The Huichuan HD9x high-voltage inverter adopts advanced vector control mode, which makes the motor have higher speed control during the whole control process. Accuracy, so that the output pressure of the air compressor is more stable, pressure fluctuations are controlled. Within 2MPa.

Air compressors are often in an unloading operation, causing a huge waste of energy. The inverter is used to adjust the motor speed in real time to achieve output constant voltage control, which avoids waste of energy during unloading.

(5) Reduction of maintenance: The inverter is used to control the motor, and the motor realizes the real soft start. During the startup process, there is no impact on the equipment, which reduces the maintenance amount of the equipment in the later stage.

6 Conclusions This year, the energy demanded by the world's industries is declining. The energy crisis has become the consensus of most enterprises. Energy conservation and consumption reduction are also the reality that every industrial enterprise will face. The air compressor industry is one of the energy-consuming industries. The frequency conversion of the air compressor not only has a huge energy-saving space, but also can achieve precise control of the output pressure, achieve constant pressure control, and also reduce the mechanical wear of the equipment. Produced more side benefits.

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