The role of wire and cable in the energy Internet

The role of wire and cable in the energy Internet

The future may be like this: The energy consumption of a building can be adjusted according to the number of people in the building; it can remotely control the on/off time of electric appliances such as air conditioners and electric lights according to individual needs; it can easily use its own excess power on a smartphone or a computer. Selling to others... All this is not just in imagination but is already in practice. The realization of these things is based on the Internet of Energy.

The energy Internet will be a disruption to traditional technology. From the Internet to the Internet of Things, from the Industrial Internet to the Internet of Energy, “hundreds of millions of people will produce their own renewable energy in their homes, offices and factories, and share the green energy through the 'Energy Internet'. Like sharing information.” The vision in the third industrial revolution has been getting closer to our lives. The Internet's activation of traditional industrial production and energy will be the inevitable path that cannot be bypassed, and it will be the larger wave in the future.

Wire and cable, as a wire product that converts electromagnetic energy into electricity and electricity, plays an important role in China's manufacturing industry. The current average annual output value has exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan. However, as in China's manufacturing industry, the wire and cable industry also has problems such as being large but not strong, homogenizing products, overcapacity, and vicious competition. As China's economy has entered the new normal, with the accelerated convergence of the two industries, Industry 4.0, and the Internet+, the wire and cable industry must seize the opportunity to speed up the development of enthusiasm and speed up transformation and upgrading. The Internet is infiltrating from the consumer goods industry to equipment manufacturing and energy, new materials and other industrial fields, and it has comprehensively promoted the transformation of traditional industrial production methods. The wire and cable industry must seize this opportunity to speed up the transformation and upgrade and upgrade the world-class manufacturing in China.

Accelerating the exploration of new ideas and new directions for transformation and development is a major issue that the wire and cable industry is currently facing. One of the paths is to increase efficiency through the Internet+ strategy and transform into smart manufacturing. Internet thinking has provided new development paths for all walks of life, and the wire and cable industry is no exception.

As the energy and blood vessels and nerves that transmit energy, the role of wires and cables in the energy Internet can not be underestimated. The energy internet is a challenge for the wire and cable industry, and it is an opportunity. If the wire and cable industry wants to seize this opportunity, it must first understand the various characteristics of the energy Internet.

The Energy Internet is actually a combination of renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy, to facilitate energy sharing. For example, when the northern hemisphere is in the dark, its surplus energy can be transferred via the Internet to the southern hemisphere in the daytime.

From the perspective of development trends, the birth of the energy internet will make the price of energy more and more cheap. A very important trend in the future of the energy industry is the local production of energy. The cost of renewable energy will become lower and lower. On the one hand, the cost of renewable energy will decrease at a multiple rate. On the other hand, the cost of fossil energy will increase.

Energy internet is the trend from now to the next few decades, and energy information is very crucial. Intelligent devices make it possible to dynamically respond to changes in demand, and home washing machines and refrigerators can change with changes in power demand. In the future, smart electricity equipment, intelligent power generation equipment, and intelligent energy storage equipment will communicate with each other through information technology. The balance between supply and demand will be more effective.

IOT is the foundation of the energy Internet. The energy Internet uses advanced sensors, control, and software applications to connect hundreds of millions of devices, machines, and systems in the energy production end, energy delivery end, and energy consumption end, forming the energy Internet. The "Foundation of Things". Big data analysis, machine learning, and forecasting are important technical support for the realization of the vitality of the energy Internet: Energy Internet integrates operational data, weather data, meteorological data, power grid data, and electricity market data to perform big data analysis, load forecasting, and power generation Forecasting, machine learning, and opening up and optimizing the operational efficiency of energy production and energy consumption, demand and supply can be dynamically adjusted at any time. Intelligent power generation, electricity use, and electricity storage equipment will all eventually be connected to the network. With the help of information flow, self-talk will be formed.

Motor assembly and parts consist of stator and rotor. Stator is made by squeezing rubber sleeve on the wall of the steel tube. There forms spiral structure with a  certain geometric parameter. Rotor is a crome-plated screw rod.

The basic principle of downhole motor goes like this: stator and rotor matches with each other, to form spiral line and seal cavity through their guide rail difference. With rotor running in the stator, the seal cavity is moving along its axial direction, continuously forms and disappears to complete its energy conversion.

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