Research on Microcomputer Monitoring and Analysis System of New Generator-Transformer Group

And analysis and other functions in the wood to adapt to the power plant status check, and the need for fault analysis and diagnosis. The main function hardware structure and software design features of the system are introduced. 1 Introduction In recent years, the special-purpose microcomputer fault recorders developed for the unit operation and fault characteristics have been gradually promoted and applied in major power plants. However, the current unit recorder is mainly used for the detection of faults and abnormal operating conditions, and the functions are relatively simple. In fact, without increasing the hardware cost, with the access information of the recording device, through reasonable design and functional configuration, the application range of the extended magnetic recording device can be improved, such as realizing the recording direction of the unit operating state. It integrates fault data recording and analysis of operational status monitoring, as well as the analysis of the experimental data of the machine and the functions of the monitoring and analysis system, in order to better meet the requirements of the development of comprehensive automation of power plants and to adapt to the future maintenance of equipment status. Based on the inspection wave device. He has expanded and improved the functional configuration of hardware and software. This article will focus on the main features and basic structure of the design features of the system.

2 system design features new development 纟 1. Microcomputer monitoring and analysis system of the full staff ± also consider the site on the unit transport status monitoring and the record and analysis requirements. Simultaneously. The integrity of the record-based integrity of the ugly network connection to the remote online management and system hardware platform and other aspects have been improved. The design features mainly reflect the following points.

2.1 Set operation status monitoring Fault recording and analysis and unit test recording and analysis In addition to the routine fault data recording and analysis, the unit provides monitoring and analysis of key electrical parameters reflecting the machine's operating status. Students should include active and reactive power monitoring, power factor monitoring, negative sequence current and voltage monitoring, and flow monitoring on each side of the transformer transformer group. Wave monitoring. System frequency and generator power angle, measurement and monitoring of machine fermentation safety limit. The relevant electrical parameters can be uploaded online to the superior dispatching department by remote transmission. In addition, in order to simplify the electrical test work of the unit and improve the reliability of the experimental record, the device also provides automatic recording and analysis functions of the electrical test process of the unit, and forms relevant experimental reports according to the experimental requirements.

2.2 Adopting a new data recording format to ensure the integrity of the recorded information. Because the operating conditions and types of faults of the unit are far more complicated than the power grid, at the same time, there are many types of protection and safety automatic devices, and the principles are different. The integrity of data record information puts forward higher requirements. 1 From the perspective of ensuring the completeness of recorded information, the use of sampled value recording is undoubtedly the most comprehensive. But this also brings a large amount of data, high storage and communication requirements. In the traditional recording data recording mode, it is only for the short-term process of the fault state, and the sampling value recording mode is used for other time periods, supplemented by the effective value recording mode. 2. The small 1 in this way is the sampling bit storage. The time is short and the recorded information is insufficient. In addition, in the rms recording design, in addition to the large, plus the sample value recording time, for the longer duration of the dynamic over, using the phasor real imaginary part to record the electrical quantity, you can also derive the In the order quantity work, the frequency impedance and other Ding frequency electric gates are total, so as to reduce the integrity of the recorded record information in the record data anvil. 2.3 Support networked centralized management and remote management. Due to the large number of power plant units, the traditional fault recording device The requirements for line management are adopted. 3. To this end, the new monitoring device has set up the network interconnection function of the state network, which can form the network of the unit monitoring system of the power plant as needed to achieve the collection. And the requirement of data sharing, which also facilitates the connection with the integrated dynamic system of the power plant. In addition, the device can perform data interaction by means of the 1st-level dispatching department line to realize remote monitoring and management.

2.4 Adopting a variety of oscillating start mode, it is convenient to use the field to record the fluctuation mode. According to the abnormal operating conditions and fault characteristics of the generator group, the set phase sequence abrupt change amount and steady state start.

The reverse power is activated by low-intensity excitation and pyromagnetic. Excessive excitation. The frequency difference is 6 moving, the frequency change rate is started, the switching amount is started, and the manual and remote starting are started. In addition, in order to facilitate on-site flexible monitoring and recording of the required electrical and non-electrical capacity, the road simulation can be set to a sudden amount of 6 movements and steady-state quantities to start with excess and low-volume starting methods to meet the requirements of the operation site. 2.5 Strengthening the recording data analysis function to meet the requirements of on-site accident analysis In order to meet the needs of unit accident analysis and protection and safety automatic device action behavior analysis, the device is equipped with a comprehensive analysis software for fault data. In view of the complexity of the unit failure and the diversity of the principles of the protection and safety automatic device, in the analysis software design, in addition to providing the conventional waveform display and editing functions, the calculation and division of the basic parameters required for the accident analysis are emphasized. It mainly includes waveform analysis phasor analysis sequence analysis harmonic analysis active and reactive power analysis frequency analysis machine end measurement impedance analysis differential flow analysis generator power angle change analysis and unit experimental result analysis.

2.6 Adopting the modular special hardware platform based on the out, the open and good operation and reliable device to adapt to the requirements of the ten operating conditions of the ten power system is jointly developed by Beijing Kangtuo Company and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. In the development process, the special requirements of the power system application field and the current development trend of industrial computers have been fully considered. It has the advantages of compact structure, abundant expansion, good anti-interference ability and reliable operation. It is at the leading level in the domestic industrial control machine field.

2.7 Friendly interface, convenient operation and operation The human-machine interface adopts the visual programming software based on the evaluation platform as the main development tool, and the Chinese menu and dialog box are adapted to the requirements of cultural windowing in the current application software. Modular body, outer layer is all-steel waterproof structure, unique positive pressure cooling and dust removal design, it is very suitable for power station environment with electromagnetic radiation and dust or humidity. Equipped with a dedicated 08 interface card and remote transmission elbow, 1 can be set up, the clock is automatically paired. And remote transmission of test data and fault record data.

3.2 Data acquisition layer system The data acquisition layer system is composed of the new generation 15000 industry control machine. The machine adopts the European card in-line structure, and supports the 96 bus 996 and the 0 bus compatible with the 1 Hong bus. 0, 01 bus. Under the premise of making full use of system resources, meet the requirements of harsh industrial operating environment. Each template is connected to the passive motherboard by a pinhole connector, and the edge gold finger connection mode is eliminated. With strong impact and strong, dynamic ability.

The stencils are flexibly connected by a standard 323-pin 艮 pin connector. The unreliability of the traditional flat cable connection may be completely eliminated; the main 0 board is a block high-dyeing 486 single board metering machine adopting the surface mounting technology. Main frequency, up to 13 measurements 2.3201.

It can meet the storage requirements of large capacity and skin data. The new high-performance 0-disc, 2000-core, can form an electronic disk with a capacity of 40, which is used for backup and storage of recorded data. 16-bit output, interface, support for state network connection.

The data acquisition board uses the digital signal processor as an intelligent component, which has strong data processing capability and stable and reliable operation. The 16-bit high-precision input-to-zero converter significantly improves the accurate structural design of the recorded data. Easy to expand and modify functions. Also. In order to facilitate the hardware structure device of the field 3 device, a layered structure of 1 is adopted. It mainly includes most of the management data acquisition layer and the isolation transformation layer.

3.1 Management systemic. The digital circuit is completely isolated from the analog circuit by a high speed optocoupler device. Greatly improve the anti-jamming performance of the system.

3.3 Isolation Transform Layer System The various numbers of the access device are sent to the data acquisition layer for processing after isolation conversion. The AC voltage and current signals are input and converted using a high-precision isolation transformer. The DC signal in the unit excitation system is isolated and transformed by a specially designed dedicated isolation amplifier. In addition, in view of the fact that the generator rotor circuit may generate several thousand volts of high voltage during the demagnetization process, in order to prevent the high voltage from directly on the screen, the shadow management system adopts the research and development industrial grade physicalized workstation to form a shearing station. The work of the Thousand Discs and the safety of the staff of the Havana Hall!

The relay path power is measured using special pre-measures. The upper screen voltage is lower than 100. Each of the input channels adopts multiple photoelectric isolation processing technology to improve the anti-interference ability of the device, and the data acquisition layer and management of the data communication system greet the high-defense network buckle. In order to facilitate the transmission of large-capacity recording data, it is also convenient to form a local recording network and interconnect with the integrated automation system of the power plant as needed. The intelligent network processor can automatically complete the data verification and the network management, and realize the information exchange between the device and the superior scheduling department. Realize the remote line detection of the unit's operating status and 软件4 software design features and functions 4.1 Management software management mainly completes the operation and commissioning of the unit management. Therefore, the formation and printing of the report of the report and the modification of the value and the data acquisition layer unit timing mutual inspection. In addition, according to the remote control command and the operating state of the unit, the remote control data is scheduled and controlled.

忏The soft layer of the formation is designed with a visual and visual development tool. With milk 1 as the operating system, the network function is strong and versatile, and can be applied to different hardware platforms. The multi-threading mechanism improves the responsiveness of the system. The multi-task parallel processing function provided by the helper community enables task scheduling through message-driven and rights management. The interface design of the software emphasizes the full display of information and the flexibility of operation. The operation and debugging of the device are managed through the Chinese menu. The operator of the factory is only free to take off. 4.2 The data acquisition layer of the data acquisition layer mainly completes the transmission 4 Data detection and judgment of agricultural samples and faults. In the case of the normal operation hall. The sampling data is guaranteed in the zone of Baodan, and is continuously refreshed. At the same time, the hardware self-test is interpolated, the setting value is checked, and the time synchronization check with the management machine is received, and the operation monitoring command transmitted by the management machine is received, and the related operations are completed.

plant! The conditions are met. Then according to the fault record, the requirements of the paragraph. Data logging is performed while the associated signal relays and printer power are activated.

The recorded data is stored in the 000 electronic disk backup in addition to the local data, and is also uploaded to the management machine for timely storage via network communication, and passed, 1! The data acquisition layer software of the card remote remote dispatching department adopts 6,+ as the main development tool, and the part with higher requirements for real-time calculation is programmed in embedded assembly language, so that the software maintenance and debugging and function expansion performance are greatly improved. At the same time, it ensures the high reliability of the software. The real imaginary part of the root flow calculates the average value of the direct current amount to calculate various sequence calculations and frequency calculations, etc., which is mainly completed by 1 to give full play to its calculation advantages. The segmentation storage control for starting the judgment record data and the data transfer are carried out by the 486, 1 board. This makes it easy to take advantage of the expansion of 005 system resources and future functions. In addition, in the software design, multi-level review measures are adopted to prevent interference of 4 possible errors! move. Welcome to points, places, technology, improve juice calculations 4.3 Fault data comprehensive analysis software failure comprehensive analysis software can be used for online analysis. It can also be used as an independent analysis software. Each analysis function can be flexibly configured according to actual needs. The main functions of the analysis software include waveform analysis to provide 6 different forms of waveform display, synthesis, local amplification, waveform compression and so on. While the waveform is displayed, you can view the instantaneous value of the analog signal at any time, and print out the output immediately. The phase sequence analysis can calculate the total time, 1; the effective value and phase of the phase fundamental voltage and current, and the positive and negative zero. The magnitude and phase of the sequence component are calculated, and the amplitude and phase of the AC current and the average value of the DC component are calculated. The result of the calculation can summon the printout.

Harmonic analysis calculates the distribution of harmonic components contained in the signal over an arbitrary period of time. And the spectrum measurement impedance analysis calculates the modulus and phase of the measured impedance of the generator end, and measures the impedance change trajectory on the machine side of the impedance plane to provide the basis for the unit analysis of the unit loss.

The power and frequency analysis calculates the good work reactive power and the 1 turn frequency value of the high voltage side of the generator end transformer and the factory variable instrument, and changes the curve.

The differential current analysis calculates various differential current values ​​corresponding to the differential protection of the generator and the differential current curve.

The generator power angle analysis calculates the phase angle between the generator internal potential and the high voltage side of the bus voltage transformer or other specified voltage, and changes the curve.

The switch displacement timing analysis analyzes the displacement timing of the connected switching signal, and gives the analysis result in a gridwise manner.

The data record format is converted into the exchange of the record information of the corpse, and the application range of the fault data is expanded, and the software provides the conversion function of the data record format. Available upon request. Convert recorded data to sink. 0 in standard format.

The experimental data analysis of the main experimental data of the unit, such as the empty piece of special data collection to sleep the electric, juice calculation. Brake 1 塍 short circuit, and false simultaneous experiments. Perform analytical processing.

Form relevant experimental reports.

5 Conclusion In order to better meet the needs of power plant integrated automation and future equipment state maintenance, the traditional unit recorded wave should be developed to the integrated system of experimental data recording and analysis and fault data recording and analysis. In addition, in the data recording mode recording start mode record data analysis function, the wave-mounting should also be improved and improved. It is expected to play a positive role in improving the safe operation level of the unit by satisfying the characteristics of the on-site recording and analysis system with feature-rich inspection records and comprehensive fault analysis.

1 large unit relay protection investigation report. Power automation equipment. 1996 2 20050 Technical Guidelines for Dynamic Recording of Power System Faults, Ministry of Power Ministry Standards, 1995.

3 Zhao Zigang, Zhao Chunlei. Analysis of the status quo of domestic fault recorders and prospects of new recorders. Power grid technology, 199934446.

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