The world's first inside and outside bag packaging robot put into production

After repeated trials, on May 23, Guangxi Longzhou Sugar Factory decided to sign a contract with Guangxi Machinery Industry Research Institute for the purchase of five sets of internal and external bag-packing robots. This also marks the first self-developed world in Guangxi. Inside and outside the bag packaging robot successfully put into use.

Unpacking, bagging, zipper bags, stitching bags... In the packing shop of the Longzhou Sugar Factory, the world’s first internally and externally bag-packed robot independently developed by Guangxi has accurately and consistently completed various tasks.

Reporter: "How many individuals were there in the original production line?"

Sugar factory technician: "10 people."

Reporter: "How many bags can be delivered by 10 people?"

Sugar factory technician: "Every minute, 5 bags of sugar, and 6-7 packages of automatic packaging are installed. The high hygiene standards reduce personnel accidents and greatly increase safety productivity."

It has been a world-wide challenge to lift and hold thin bags with robots. The project team pioneered the vacuum bag opening process and the inner bag - after heat sealing - placement - outer bag device, successfully overcomes the bottleneck of the package type - inside and outside the bag - material packaging - to achieve - fully automated, while using robot technology and machine vision inspection Technology greatly improves the stability and reliability of the product. Wu Xiangli, vice president of Guangxi Machinery Industry Research Institute:

"The difficulty is that the inner and outer bags are special. This is the first one in the world."

Using this smart technology, a bag can save about 1 yuan to calculate. Longzhou Sugar Factory can save more than 100 million yuan each year. Long Chengxing, Longzhou Sugar Factory's storage and transportation section chief:

"Reducing costs, increasing the competitiveness of the sugar industry, and promoting our products to ASEAN and around the world."

It is understood that this technology will also be widely used in food, electronic products, automotive assembly and other fields.

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