Do drivers know the fuel pump?

Did all drivers know the fuel pump? If the investigation is really done, the results should not be satisfactory. Most drivers encounter problems with the car for the first time. The first time is to go to the repair shop for inspection. Afterwards, they pay for the car by themselves. This is also what most drivers do. . But today Xiaobian took everyone to know the so-called fuel pump!


Fuel pump structure

The structure of a fuel pump can be roughly divided into two categories: impeller pump and metal pump. The structure of the vane pump generally adopts high-speed rotation of the vane in the oil passage, fuel is sucked from the inlet and discharged from the outlet; the metal pump mainly relies on the continuous change of the volume, sucks the fuel at the oil inlet, extrudes the fuel at the oil outlet, or is The fuel is closed at the inlet and the fuel is continuously sent to the exit. Regardless of the structure, the purpose is to inhale fuel at the entrance and discharge the fuel at the exit.

The role of fuel pump

Fuel pump is a professional term. Although this part is small, it plays a very big role. It is one of the basic components of an EFI car's fuel injection system in a car. Maybe sometimes drivers will find a problem when they drive. When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, the car can hear the noise from behind the car. Some drivers will be very nervous. Cover check. In fact, this is the sound of the fuel pump at work, because the engine has not yet begun to operate, so the first time you heard was the sound of the fuel pump. Therefore, the role of the fuel pump is to establish the oil pressure to facilitate the start of the engine. During the operation of the engine, the power of the pump is always on, so as to ensure continuous engine oil supply. Therefore, we must ensure that the quality of the fuel pump is good or bad, it is possible that your engine does not get fire because it is "sick!"

Did the drivers know the fuel pump now? Must not underestimate its existence!

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