Detailed description of the beneficiation production line and process

Mineral processing production line introduction

The ore dressing production line consists of the main beneficiation equipment such as jaw crusher , ball mill , classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener and dryer. It can be combined with auxiliary ore dressing machinery such as ore feeder, hoist and conveyor. Mineral processing line. The ore dressing production line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy, high processing capacity and reasonable economics.

Mineral processing line process

The mined ore is firstly crushed by a jaw crusher. After being crushed to a reasonable fineness, it is evenly sent to the ball mill through a conveyor or a feeding machine, and the ore is crushed and ground by a ball mill. The ore fines ground by the ball mill enter the next process: classification. The spiral classifier pre-selects and classifies the ore mixture by the principle that the specific gravity of the solid particles is different and the rate of precipitation in the liquid is different. The pre-selected and graded mineral mixture separates the magnetic material in the mixture via magnetic and mechanical forces due to the different specific magnetic susceptibilities of the various minerals as they pass through the magnetic separator. The mineral particles that have been initially separated by the magnetic separator are sent to the flotation machine, and different drugs are added according to different mineral characteristics, so that the desired minerals are separated from other substances. The desired minerals are separated. After the desired minerals are separated, because they contain a large amount of water, they must be initially concentrated by a thickener and then dried by a dryer to obtain dried minerals.

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