Yutong Heavy Industry yt3761 Mining Dump Truck

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Yutong Heavy Industry YT3761 mining dump truck equipment features:
1. Large load capacity, reaching the maximum tonnage of three-axle mining vehicles in the same industry, adopting a reasonably matched vehicle power transmission system and a high-strength frame after finite element analysis to ensure the super-large load capacity of the vehicle;
2, superior braking performance, braking torque to nearly 2 times the same industry, has greatly improved the car's safety and driving comfort;
3. The high-strength and large-capacity self-made axle achieves the advanced level of the same industry, ensures the quality stability of the vehicle, and makes the vehicle have unparalleled advantages;
4. The car adopts a large track design, which is more than 11% higher than that of the same industry. The stability of the car is greatly improved, which greatly improves the adaptability and driving safety of the car's mining roads.
5, the whole modelling and interior design to maintain the concept of engineering machinery, that is, the powerful mining machinery, but also the beautiful coordination of trucks;
6. The whole machine adopts a short wheelbase design. Under the condition that the center of gravity does not increase, the turning radius is reduced, and the environmental adaptability of the whole machine is improved.

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