China National Heavy Duty Trucks enters the high-end market

Yesterday, China National Heavy Duty Truck positioned the world-class high-end SITRAK heavy truck off the assembly line. This is China's first truly high-end heavy-duty truck product that was launched three years after Sinotruk and Man signed a cooperation agreement. It will formally deliver the vehicle in March. Steam will complete the overall layout of the high, medium and low market segments in the heavy truck market.

In July 2009, China National Heavy Duty Truck sold 25%+1 shares to Mann for EUR 560 million, creating a new model for cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies. According to the cooperation agreement between the two parties at the time, MAN provided a full set of products on its TGA platform to China National Heavy Duty Truck. At the same time, the right to use the European, European and European engine production technologies on the TGA platform was also included in the cooperation agreement. The SITRAK series heavy trucks are the first products based on the TGA platform from Heavy Truck and Mann.

The domestic Futian, Jianghuai and other manufacturers have successively joint ventures and successively launched new products to seize the country's upgrading of technological opportunities. Industry sources said that with the listing of Sinotruk SITRAK series products, it may help them to break the passive situation in the future heavy truck upgrade competition. According to reports, China National Heavy Duty Truck will be based on Manchester's TGA platform to build a new product lineup. The MAN platform truck will divide the military into two routes and form core competitiveness in the high-end market and the logistics vehicle market.

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