Shaanxi Hande Axle Company 2013 Annual Meeting of Suppliers was Held

On December 7, 2012, Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd., a member of the China Quality Inspection Association, held its annual 2013 supplier conference in Beijing. Xie Baojing, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Vehicle Co., Ltd., and Li Yujie, deputy chief representative of the Military Equipment Office of the General Armament Department in Xi’an, were invited to attend the conference. Leaders such as Han Zhan Axle General Manager Wang Zhanchao and representatives from over 150 suppliers from all over the country gathered together to discuss plans for development. The conference was chaired by deputy general manager Wang Lin.

Xia Baojing, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Co., made a wonderful speech at the meeting. He detailed the key tasks of Shaanqi CNPC in 2012 and the 2013 production and sales targets, which further strengthened the confidence of the majority of suppliers. Li Jiejie, deputy general representative of the General Armaments Department's Military Representative Office in Xi’an, delivered a warm speech and put forward higher requirements for related products of Hande Axle. The leaders of Hande Axle made speeches and delivered speeches on procurement management, quality control, new product development, and intellectual property protection.

Wang Zhanchao, general manager of Hande Axle Co., Ltd., made an important speech at the conference titled "Striving for the Challenge and Seizing Opportunities to Win the Market." Wang Zhanchao closely analyzed the macroeconomic environment of the country and analyzed the industry situation and the prospects of the auto parts industry. He reviewed and summarized the highlights of the 2012 management innovation, technology innovation, talent training, and market expansion of Hande Axle. The 2013 work ideas and production and sales targets for creating value for customers with reliable products, winning customers with product highlights, and improving company comprehensive strength with first-class product quality; further clarified that “adhere to technology leadership and internationalization, and strengthen the three major The overall strategy to achieve the 10 billion target is in the section; Wang Zhanchao emphasized that in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the majority of suppliers must look to the overall situation under the direction of the strategy, focus on the overall situation, strengthen communication, abide by their commitments, and increase intellectual property protection and legal rights protection. Strengthen the strategy, help the strategy deep, and achieve a win-win situation.

In a warm atmosphere, General Manager Wang Zhanchao of Hande Axle Company awarded medals and certificates to 13 outstanding suppliers and 5 outstanding service personnel.

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