Beiben natural gas heavy truck was first exported to Thailand

Recently, three natural gas heavy-duty trucks valued at US$205,000, produced by Baotou Beiben Heavy Vehicle Company, were exported to Thailand for the first time after inspection by the Baotou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Natural gas heavy trucks use natural gas instead of traditional petroleum products as fuel, which has great potential for development and broad market prospects. Baotou Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. faced the unfavorable trend of the overall downturn in the domestic heavy-vehicle market, seized the latest trend in market demand, and last year developed a heavy-duty truck powered by natural gas, which has now achieved sales of more than 2,300 units in China. And reached a consensus of 120 units with Thailand.

Thailand is rich in natural gas resources, but automotive fuel consumption has always depended on oil imports. Knowing that the Thai government is seeking alternative energy sources and actively promoting information on the use of natural gas vehicles, Baotou Beiben Heavy Duty Trucks has organized a specialized market research team to visit Thailand to investigate its entry regulations, market requirements, and customer usage. Developed a heavy truck type adapted to the needs of the Thai market. After more than a year of rigorous inspections and inspections by Thai certified officials and users, Beiben Natural Gas Heavy Duty Trucks has achieved Thailand's approval in terms of reliability, safety, and comfort. At present, it has reached a consensus of 120 units. The export of three natural gas heavy trucks is the first time that Beiben natural gas heavy trucks have entered the international market.

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