Road traffic tightening security "winding"

Road traffic Tightening security "winding" The number of road traffic accidents and deaths dropped by 18.08% and 24.81%, respectively. The comprehensive improvement of the “three-year operation” showed the effectiveness of road traffic, and the “winding” of safety was tightened.

Recently, Mr. Zhou was studying a car at a driving school in Jinshan, Fuzhou. Speaking of strict and rigorous training, he said: "Driving tests increase the content of defensive driving techniques. One is to learn slowly and the other is to learn. Every day, the string of the whole body is tight, and each movement is practiced repeatedly. Repeated training and repeated training during the training phase will enable us to form good habits when driving in the future."

In August 2012, our province implemented the “Three-year Action Plan” for the comprehensive rectification of road traffic safety. What Mr. Zhou experienced was the defensive driving technology training conducted by the Fuzhou Traffic Control Department in the implementation of the “Three-year Action.”

The "Three-year Action" plan is based on a rational judgment of the road traffic safety situation.

“Data show that in recent years, the number of deaths from road traffic accidents has accounted for more than 90% of the total number of deaths caused by production safety accidents in our province, and sometimes even reached more than 95%. It can be said that the road traffic safety situation directly affects the safety production situation in the province, and the road If the traffic safety situation does not change, there will be no fundamental improvement in the safety production situation, according to an expert from the Provincial Government Security Experts Group.

With the rapid increase in the number of vehicle ownership, the lack of people’s traffic safety awareness, and the need to raise the level of road supervision, the accident has become a tiger that endangers people’s lives.

In the early morning of June 20, 2012, in the Xiapu section of Shenhai Expressway, a bus from Wuxi to Xiamen fell over the viaduct and 17 people were killed. 28 people were injured, 3 of them were seriously injured.

On the morning of July 24, 2012, Liumou, a villager in Shankeng Village, Nanyang Township, Shouning County, drove a three-wheeled motorcycle, loaded with 22 villagers and tea, and suddenly rushed out of the road without a guardrail at the stone bridge of the village road. At the bottom of the cliff, which is more than 20 meters deep, it claimed 14 lives and 8 people were injured.

In the short period of more than 30 days, two consecutive major road traffic safety accidents took place, and the society was widely concerned. The provincial party committee and the provincial government attached great importance to it.

Immediately afterwards, a leading group led by Governor Su Shulin, Deputy Governor Zhang Zhinan, Wang Menghui, and Chen Rongkai served as the deputy leader. The leading group of the relevant person in charge of the relevant provincial government was established. The specifications are unprecedented.

On August 3, 2012, the provincial government successively issued 136th and 137th documents, deployed three-year remediation of road traffic safety in the province, issued nine measures and implementation plans, and made clear the goal of rectification - by the end of 2014, the province's road traffic The death toll from accidents has fallen by 30%, the number of major accidents has dropped by more than 20%, and no serious and above accidents have been striven. The death rate per vehicle is lower than the national average;

On August 13, the provincial government convened a conference to implement the “Three-year Action Plan” for the comprehensive improvement of road traffic safety. Su Shulin’s mobilization plan required party committees, governments, and relevant departments at all levels to make great efforts and really do a good job. Min Huimin's practical facts.

The first battle will surely advance in order to promote the “Three-Year Action” to be fully rolled out. The provincial government has decided to carry out a three-month centralized rectification campaign across the province in an attempt to achieve practical results as soon as possible, boost confidence and win the trust of the people.

Road hidden trouble investigation and rectification congressional battle, anti-illegal vehicle congressional battle, passenger transportation safety supervision and management controversy, key vehicle management and control congressional battle, road surface order strict control congressional battle, traffic safety propaganda congressional battle, six battles successively fired, various levels and departments promptly moved .

In response to road hazards, the transportation department establishes a responsibility system for investigations and “who is responsible for the investigation” and establishes a ledger according to “one village, one storey, one storey, one storey, one storey, one storey” to strengthen follow-up evaluation and tracking. As for the results of the investigation, it is required to make detailed plans to clarify the time and nodes for each road section, bridge, time limit for completion, and the person responsible for the project.

Yongchun County implemented a policy of rewarding drunk driving and drunk driving and serious traffic violations. The people dialed 110 to report the drunk driving facts in one case with 300 yuan, and reported drunk driving facts in one case with a prize of 500 yuan. On October 15 last year, Zhou, a resident of Taocheng County of the county, received a bonus of 300 yuan, which became the first person in the county to award rewards for drunk driving and receive bonuses after drunk driving.

The Provincial Department of Transportation decided to use a 32,000-year rural highway safety project for a 22,000-kilometer-long road system that has hardened road surface but with unsatisfactory security projects. By 2014, the rural villages will be basically completed. The bus line security project will improve the safety conditions for passenger traffic in rural areas. At the same time, it will intensify efforts to promote the provincial mainline security improvement project and complete 6,700 kilometers by 2014, so that the existing provincial trunk line will basically meet the Technical Guidelines for Highway Security Engineering of the Ministry of Transport.

According to statistics, the number of road traffic accidents and deaths in the province fell by 18.08% and 24.81% respectively during the period of the General Assembly, and major accidents dropped by 16.7%. As of the end of 2012, the “Three-Year Action Plan” had completed 552 accident-prone road sections, built 66.4 km of waterfront cliff-side crash barriers and 37.8 km of wave barriers, 4510 provincial roads and 6350 km of rural highway security projects. It has been upgraded; 52,319 hidden dangers in road safety have been investigated; more than 130,000 unlicensed vehicles have been touched.

The Office of the State Council fully affirmed the practice in Fujian and issued the “Three-year Action” plan and the implementation plan for the General Assembly War to the whole country, requiring all localities to learn from it.

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