The function of emergency communication vehicle

In fact, in daily life, people can often see various types of emergency communication vehicles, such as armed police command vehicles, telecommunications command vehicles, and power communication command vehicles. These different emergency communication vehicles perform different tasks, but In fact, the internal functions of this type of vehicle are similar. Internally, such emergency communication vehicles are basically composed of video systems, lighting systems, central control systems, and power supply systems. These systems will work together to process the content and will complete the transmission work. So here's a look at emergency communications. What are the functions of the car?


The first function of the emergency communication vehicle is the distributed dispatching command. The first thing to note is that the ground adjustment command center and the emergency communication vehicle are all equipped with an independent dispatching system. The equipment on the emergency communication vehicle can make the real-time work on site. The situation and data are timely feedback to the server at the command center headquarters. It must be said that the advantage of such a distributed scheduling system is very obvious, both of which can work in coordination with each other and at the same time can be independently backed up.

The second function of the emergency communication vehicle is to enable rapid transmission of live video. For example, in the event of a critical situation, the emergency communication vehicle can quickly transmit the video in real time to the monitoring station at the headquarters. In this way, even the center leaders in the remote podium can make corresponding solutions according to the video sent back from the scene. The videos sent back by the emergency communication vehicle are relatively smooth and the pictures are relatively clear.

The most important function of an emergency communication vehicle belongs to the communication system that guarantees the site. Through its on-board base station equipment, it can cover all wireless signals for the site. This ensures that real-time field conditions can be fed back to the upper level and dispatched. The task can be quickly released in the first time. At the same time, various types of multimedia terminals at the rescue site and command center can conduct interactive meetings, effectively ensuring the smooth flow of information.

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