Analysis of Structural Design Features of Cleaning Sweeper

To say what is the most common problem in urban sweeping, I think it is probably the use of the road's garbage dirt can not completely clean up this point. With the increasing number of private cars, many road surface stains are actually relying on the sanitation workers. It was impossible to carry out a thorough clean-up, and more than one vehicle, the dust on the road was flying. Although we have a marine sprinkler to improve the environment, the effect is not obvious.

Compared to this waste of manpower and material resources, the new type of sweeper sweeper is much better now. The new sweeper sweeper has been designed and analyzed on the working model of the entire vehicle. Each of them has been analyzed and discussed. One-step design was decided after careful discussion.


This type of sweeping sweeper adopts the method of high-pressure water flow to clean the road waste. Although it is water, the effect of high-pressure water is not comparable to the general flow. Generally, high-pressure water flow is used, and even the chewing gum on the road surface can be used. Clear and clean.

Such a magical sweeping sweeping vehicle, what changes in the internal structural design of the interior are there? Let’s take the example of a more famous cleaning sweeper nowadays. It is the FLM5162GSL type sweeping sweeping vehicle. The sweeping sweeper was adapted from the second-class chassis of the car.

The good cleaning performance is mainly sweeper and replaced by the chassis, the sub-system of the engine as well as the fan means, the nozzle assembly of devices, of course, it is also equipped with a front washing apparatus, water and sewage tank means trash These devices.

The chassis is responsible for such a function of carrying the weight of other devices in the entire device, and it is also responsible for the walking of the entire device. Therefore, it can be seen that the chassis is very important in the entire device, and the chassis of the Dongfeng is generally good. The wheelbase of the chassis is 4,500mm, and the weight it can bear is up to 6000kg.

In addition to the chassis, other equipment is also very important. The auxiliary engine serves as the entire power source of the cleaning vehicle and plays a vital role in the power supply of the entire system. Other equipments together form a strict cleaning device and special cleaning. Stains everywhere. As a sanitation worker in a new era, cleaning sweepers is undoubtedly a success.

SDRF filter consists of a Filter Housing with a screw-on cover plate.There is a clogging indicator port on the cover plate.

                                                                                 RF filter symbol

Filter Element

Filter elements are available with the following pressure stability values:

BN/HC: 25 bar

Paper(P/HC): 10 bar

Wire mesh( W/HC ): 30 bar

Stainless steel fiber( V ): 30 bar




Oil tank-top or inline mounting


Inlet: side      Outlet: down


Temperature range

-10℃~100℃ (others on request)


Bypass cracking pressure

â–³Po=3bar+0.5bar (others on request)


It can be used for mineral oils, lubrication oils, non-flame fluids,synthetic and rapidly biodegradable fluids. For water or other application, please contact us.

Model code

RF filter model code

Filter dimension

RF filter dimension

RF filter dimension 1

Single Housing Filter

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