Face recognition technology for the first time applied to the future of college entrance examination

This year's college entrance examination for the first time "evil into the punishment", Beijing, Sichuan, Hubei, Guangdong, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other provinces using "face recognition + fingerprint recognition" biometric identification technology to confirm the candidate's identity, through the local information on the certificate automatically Read and examine the candidate's face at the same time and automatically capture and compare the photo features in the document and the real-time face photo features to identify whether the certificate candidate and the certificate are in the same identity. Automatically and quickly assist the invigilator to complete Inspection work.

In addition to college entrance exams and other examinations, face recognition technology can also play an even more important role in education.

Today, the phenomena of “replacement of classes”, “abstaining from classes” and “abstaining from classes” have become commonplace in universities. In CCTV’s “Live News Room” report, colleges and universities that are “once for the class” are active in universities in many provinces and have formed a complete industrial chain.

In 2014, the Shandong Provincial Occupational Appraisal Center took the lead in adopting the face attendance system at various vocational colleges in Shandong Province. Through face capture cameras, student photographs and backend passport photos were compared to achieve identity verification and attendance management. Applying face recognition technology to student attendance attendance, the phenomenon of replacing classes will be nothing.

Furthermore, because of the continuous occurrence of campus security incidents throughout the country, the campus has also become a place where criminals of all kinds regularly perform activities. Using the face capture machine installed at the school entrance, the incoming personnel will be photographed and uploaded to the face to compare with the server and the blacklist to trigger an alarm. On the one hand, this method can effectively alert the suspicious individuals entering the campus, and on the other hand can be used for post-mortem verification.

So, in addition to the field of education, face recognition technology can also be applied to what areas?

The application of face recognition in the financial industry in the financial/ social security field is reflected in the appearance of face payment technology. At the opening ceremony of the electronic exhibition in Hannover, Germany, on March 17, Ma Yun bought a 20 Euro Hannover Electronic Exhibition commemorative stamp on his website in the presence of Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Then he paid for himself with his face and personally displayed Alipay's face recognition technology "Smile to Pay".

On the other hand, face recognition is escort for payment security. In recent years, due to the lack of a unified information sharing platform, that is, modernized supervision means, the phenomenon of identity card fraud has continued for many times. As a result, social security and IC cards have been stolen and stolen and many people have suffered huge economic losses. In order to prevent the “leakage” of pensions being garbled, many sites have adopted automatic identification to conduct preliminary screenings. The pilot work has achieved significant results and has planned to carry out equipment upgrades nationwide.

Face recognition technology can also be used in high-end VIP customer identification in the financial industry. When customers enter financial institutions, the front-end capture machine captures the customer's picture upload server, the server compares photos with VIP customers through face recognition technology, and identifies VIP customer identities. And promptly inform the financial institutions reception staff to prepare.

In the transportation sector, with the development of economy, the mobility of people is getting bigger and the traffic is becoming more and more developed. The security challenges in the transportation field are also growing. Stations, airports, subways, etc. have also become the main activity sites for all types of criminals. Using face recognition technology, the captured face pictures uploaded by the front-end capture machine are used to conduct real-time matching alarms against at-risk personnel and former staff, and timely notify the on-site security personnel so that the criminals are free from disgust.

With more and more strict vehicle management, car bugs have also emerged. “Car bugs” refers to those people who “help” others to handle matters relating to vehicles for economic benefit, such as: helping with penalty points, annual review, licensing, and exhaust gas testing, and buying a car to help collect fees from vehicles. People and so on. The “car bug” activity has greatly disrupted the vehicle market and increased the difficulty of vehicle management. Using a face recognition system, a face capture machine is installed at places where car bugs and vehicle markets are frequented by “car bugs”, and face photographs uploaded by the capture machine are compared in real time. If “car bugs” are present, the system An alarm will be automatically sent out to notify security personnel to handle it.

In recent years, in the driving and driving test market, the phenomenon of fraudulent hours occurred from time to time, causing the traffic accident rate to increase significantly. Through face recognition technology, we can verify the identity information of driving learners, strictly supervise, manage and record the student's hours of training on the machine and train, ensure that each student can complete driving training according to the quality and quantity, and prevent falsehoods and create a safe environment. , high-efficiency, high-quality driving training assessment system. Grab the source, improve the quality of training, eliminate falsification, and restore a fair and impartial examination environment. This will help trainees improve their driving skills in the future, and thus improve the safety and patency of vehicles driving on the road.

In the field of health, with the continuous escalation of conflicts between doctors and patients in recent years, doctor-patient disputes have emerged in an endless stream, and the situation of killing doctors and doctors has also occurred from time to time. In this situation, professional “doctors” are created. These professional “doctors” take medicines in hospitals, set up barriers to stop patients from seeking medical treatment, or beat medical staff and follow medical personnel, in consulting rooms, physician offices, and leadership offices. The methods of detention, etc., exert pressure on the hospital in the form of severely impeding medical order, expanding the situation, and causing negative impact on the hospital. The emergence of these "medical plagues" not only prevented the personal safety of medical personnel from being protected, but also interfered with the medical order and affected the normal handling of disputes. At the same time, it also aggravated the conflicts between doctors and patients and seriously damaged the patients, doctors and hospitals. interest.

The use of face recognition system can provide early warning to these “medical” personnel, effectively protect the personal safety of medical personnel and maintain medical order. Install face capture machines at the entrances and exits of hospital gates and major venues to capture people in and out of real time and upload these face photos to face comparison servers for real-time comparisons of faces, when professional “doctors” and When the family of the patient enters the hospital, the system automatically alerts the security and the security can be prepared in advance.

Under the background of Internet in the intelligent business field, the rapid development of e-commerce has brought huge challenges and blows to traditional stores. How the traditional stores compete with e-commerce and grab the market, it also needs to be in the intelligent context.

For supermarkets, shopping malls, sales offices, automotive 4S stores, and high-end chain stores, it is of the utmost importance to grasp customer first-hand information. The customer’s age, gender, frequency of visits, whether it is myopic, and the same day’s return rate are crucial for the operators of the store. The face real-time comparison system can also provide real-time alarms to habitual and professional fraudsters based on the captured photos uploaded by the front-end camera, thereby increasing the security of the stores.

Customs and Frontier Inspection Fields As China's foreign trade volume increases, customs and border inspections have also become important criminal activities. Criminals, water passengers, etc., are free to use customs and border inspections to enter and leave the country's borders. Engaging in illegal activities seriously jeopardizes the safety of the country and its people.

The use of face recognition technology for real-time comparison of entry and exit customs, if found criminals, water passengers, system automatic alarm notification department arrested, can effectively protect the security of the customs, border inspection.

Smart Offices With smart buildings becoming hot topics in the industry, smart offices are also heating up. With the rapid development of Internet technology, the networking of intelligent office systems has become an inevitable trend. The intelligent office utilizes face recognition cloud platform software, face device mobile terminal, face recognition visitor management system, face recognition access control attendance system, office control system, face recognition employee identification system, etc. to realize intelligent office and Intelligent management, professional to create a more scientific space and humane environment, so as to improve office efficiency and office quality, improve office conditions, reduce labor intensity, achieve scientific management and decision-making, thus reducing the time of work, providing The efficiency of work.

The construction site is different from the ordinary industry in that there are many technical requirements and restrictions on the application of identification for construction sites. First of all, there are many workers on the site and the personnel are complex. It is impossible to guarantee the safe custody of equipment and materials on the construction site. Secondly, the site cranes and special types of work must be dedicated to full-time personnel. If non-professionals operate, it is easy to cause accidents; in addition, due to the needs of site workers, The hand repeats a lot of heavy physical labor, so the fingerprints are extremely worn out, the hands are easily dirty, and the cards are easily lost and stolen. Therefore, the application of face recognition technology can not only implement orderly management of site workers, but also effectively prevent and contain the theft and other security issues.

Face recognition technology is no longer confined to simple applications in attendance and access control industries, but more will be used to transform passive security into active security. In this era of “face watching”, face recognition technology will become more and more noticeable and the prospects for the future are very broad.

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