·The car repair industry is ushering in a new round of "overhaul"

The car repair industry is ushering in a new round of "overhaul". Recently, the Ministry of Communications and the 9 ministries and commissions issued the "Guiding Opinions on Seeking to Promote the Transformation and Upgrade of the Automobile Maintenance Industry to Improve Service Quality" (hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Opinions"), clearly indicating that automobile companies should disclose vehicle maintenance when new vehicles are listed. Technical information, and complete maintenance technical information for all models in production before December 31, 2015. At the same time, the original parts manufacturers are encouraged to provide original parts and independent after-sales parts to the automotive aftermarket, allowing authorized companies to resell to unauthorized repair companies or end users.
This also means that the automotive after-sales maintenance market will usher in a new revolution. Breaking the single supply channel of accessories will provide a new development space for the maintenance market, which will facilitate the diversification of maintenance and will have a certain impact on existing dealers. On the one hand, the new regulations will swallow the profits of dealers' single stores, and on the other hand will stimulate large dealers to accelerate the establishment of an independent after-sales maintenance system. More importantly, once the “Guidance Opinion” is officially implemented, consumers will have more after-sales maintenance options.
The new car must be released within 3 months according to the "Guidance Opinion" goal. After 5 years of hard work, the auto repair industry has basically completed the transition from scale expansion to quality and efficiency, and the market layout and hierarchical structure have become more rational and optimized. The order is more fair and orderly, the resource allocation is more high-quality and efficient; the basic completion of the transition from service-oriented to service-quality.
To this end, it is necessary to establish a domestic automobile maintenance technology information disclosure system. From January 1, 2015, automobile production enterprises should use the available information form, convenient information channels, and reasonable information prices when the new car is listed, without discrimination. Disclose the vehicle maintenance technical information to authorized maintenance companies and independent operators (including independent maintenance enterprises, maintenance equipment manufacturing enterprises, maintenance technology information publishing units, maintenance technical training institutions, etc.) without delay.
In the car product manual, the vehicle type approval certificate information is specified, the emission maintenance technical requirements are specified, and the information on the manufacturer, model and effective service life of the key components of the emission control is described. Before December 31, 2015, auto manufacturers must disclose all vehicle maintenance technical information that has entered the "Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Announcement" domestic models and CCC-certified domestic and imported models.
At the same time, the original parts manufacturers are encouraged to provide original parts and independent after-sales parts with their own brands, trademarks or logos to the aftermarket; encourage authorized repair companies to resell and provide original parts to unauthorized repair companies. Establish traceability system for auto repair parts, supply channels for transparent parts, and traceable and traceable auto repair parts. Formulate and implement technical standards for classification and coding rules for auto repair parts. Encourage the development of accessories and other brands.
According to statistics, as of the end of 2013, there were 480,000 motor vehicle maintenance households and nearly 3 million employees in the country. The annual maintenance volume was 330 million, and the annual output value reached more than 500 billion yuan. This also means that China's auto repair industry has developed from a simple vehicle maintenance industry to a livelihood service industry.
“The auto repair market is very complicated, which is why it is necessary for 10 departments to jointly issue articles. The Guiding Opinions put forward the basic principles of fair competition, independent consumption, legal supervision, and departmental co-production, and certain measures have been identified. It is the regulation of normalization and long-term efficiency." Jia Xinguang, a senior analyst at the automobile, said that for a long time, the automobile maintenance industry lacked unified management and effective system supervision, and consumers' rights and interests were difficult to guarantee. I hope that the "Guidance Opinion" can be very Good implementation.
More choices for car owners to repair the car The "Guidance Opinion" will be released, which will solve the channel monopoly and technology monopoly of car companies in the field of accessories. Among them, for the monopoly of technical data, automobile production enterprises and imported automobile sales enterprises are required to disclose maintenance to various maintenance enterprises and related operators within the prescribed time limit through information forms, convenient information channels and reasonable information prices. Technical Information.
For the monopoly of accessories, the circulation of auto repair parts will be promoted, and the original parts manufacturers will be encouraged to provide original parts and independent aftermarket parts with their own brands. Allow authorized parts distribution companies, authorized maintenance companies to resell original parts to unauthorized repair companies or end users.
At present, because the auto parts use different codes, even the same parts, the maintenance company can not obtain the code of different parts of each car company. Among them, there are individual codes in the vehicle companies and their own codes at the supplier level.
It is reported that in order to cooperate with the implementation of the "Guidance Opinions", the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association has completed the "Consultation Draft for the Coding and Labeling of Auto Parts", which is being reported to the relevant state departments for approval. From next month, it will be piloted between 10 companies.
"As far as the automobile maintenance industry is concerned, there are serious monopoly problems in auto repair parts and maintenance technology, which have become an important factor restricting the healthy development and industrial upgrading of China's maintenance industry. The EU and the United States attach great importance to fair competition in the auto repair market. Through legislation, it is clearly stipulated that automobile manufacturers should not monopolize repair parts and maintenance technology, which is worth learning from.” Liu Xiaoming, member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Transport and Secretary of Transportation, said that this has broken the 4S shop authorized by automobile manufacturers to some extent. In the new car warranty period, the abuse of the car warranty terms, the usual practice of infringing on consumer rights, fully protect the car consumer's maintenance options and car warranty rights.
Cui Dongshu, deputy secretary-general of the National Federation of the Federation, also believes that the "Guidance Opinions" clearly proposes to limit the abuse of automobile warranty clauses, establish and implement a vehicle maintenance technical information disclosure system, and guarantee consumers the right to repair, which is the right to realize free choice of maintenance. Greatly promoted. And the production enterprise is very binding, which is conducive to the diversification of maintenance.
Impacting the dealer's existing pattern "Guidance Opinion" once it is finally implemented, while breaking the strong position of auto dealers, it also means that in the future after-sales maintenance market, there will be a huge change, long-term occupied by 4S stores. Big cakes will have to be shared with social repair shops.
Some analysts pointed out that the public maintenance technical information in the "Guidance Opinion" may include the corresponding maintenance technical knowledge. This means that the social repair shop will directly master the core component design knowledge, which is conducive to the optimization of various aspects of maintenance and promote the growth of social repair shops.
“Once the “Guidance Opinions” are implemented, it will have certain impact on the after-sales maintenance of the dealers. As the original parts will flow to the social repair shop through formal channels, it will inevitably lead to the loss of some customers.” A dealer staff said . At present, due to the strong competition in the new car sales market, under the weight of inventory, most dealers have losses in the sales of new cars, and after-sales maintenance services are the main source of profit for dealers. According to statistics, the sales revenue of new dealers in China accounts for 90% of the total revenue, and the profit contribution is about 4%. After-sales accounted for 10% of the total revenue, contributing profits of 50%. In contrast, in developed countries, after-sales revenue accounted for 20%, and profit contribution rate reached 62%.
However, some analysts pointed out that the implementation of the "Guidance Opinions" still needs to go a long way in order to truly complete the market distribution reform. “Diversified parts channels will allow the social maintenance system to obtain more dealer repair business, which is good for consumers. However, some vulnerable parts should be controlled, and intellectual property rights are also the decision-making power of the company. The actual part The accessories are not well received. Moreover, the biggest feature of the market is that there are many low-priced accessories with poor quality. Due to the large gap in manufacturing level, it is not difficult to achieve homogenous accessories. Together with the ability and trust of social maintenance. Cui Dongshu believes After the implementation of the "Guidance Opinions", there is still a long way to go to improve consumer rights.
However, the release of the "Guidance Opinion", although posing a challenge to the dealer's single store profit, but for large car dealers, will stimulate its accelerated establishment of an independent maintenance system. At present, because large distributors have huge customer resources and have the convenience of sales and maintenance, they can purchase their own maintenance brands through the centralized procurement of accessories and the technical reserves of their long-term service vehicles.
According to incomplete statistics, Harmony Holdings, Guanghui Auto, Guangwu Auto Trade and DCH Holdings have established independent after-sales service centers. In addition to maintenance, some service centers also provide auto beauty and used vehicles. . Among them, Harmony Holdings has built luxury car repair centers in the core cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, Anyang, Shangqiu and Luohe. The outlets will cover the provinces of Henan and the economically developed regions such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Tang. .