Digitsole Bluetooth Insole Fitness Tracker and Foot Warmers

There are many fitness trackers that can be worn on your wrist or in your pocket. But Nancy, based in France, took a new approach to fitness tracking and created Digitsole. Digitsole is the first interactive insole that can track your distance and calories burned, as well as for those cold days, heating your feet when necessary. Digitsole has been designed to use a Bluetooth connection to link smart phone's electronic insole application controls.
Its creator explained: "Everyone has suffered cold feet, whether it's the way they work, walking, skiing, hiking, or even riding a bicycle or a motorcycle. If you can control the temperature of your shoes, With a simple click on your smartphone, and track the distance you have gone and consumed calories? This innovative foot product is designed for your health and comfort. For Android and iOS, a dedicated Digitsole app connects to Your insole is Bluetooth 4.0, so you can warm your feet and track your day through a simple click."
Digitsole is very easy to use. Once you get Digitsole, download the dedicated application. When Digitsole is fully charged via the USB charging device, simply switch the back/off button on the insole, launch the app and connect it using Bluetooth to your smartphone.