·Cang Shicheng: Honda’s heavy punches are not hit on cotton

If Honda’s slow development in the past few years is to pay for its own inaction, then after releasing FUNTEC technology in June last year and introducing a number of new models, Honda has tried its best to make a difference in the Chinese market. .
Honda’s efforts are obvious to all. Last year launched the ninth generation Accord, Ling Pai and Jade, this year launched a new Fit, the new Odyssey and the upcoming Binzhi and the new Platinum Core. It can be said that Honda's new car in the past two years is more than the total number of new cars in the past few years. These models are equipped with Honda's latest FUNTEC technology to enhance environmental protection, safety and comfort.
However, the market did not respond positively to Honda's efforts. From January to August this year, Honda’s domestic sales of domestically produced vehicles were 445,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 5.2%, which was lower than the 8% increase in the entire passenger vehicle market. Among them, Guangqi Honda's sales volume was 240,000 units, which was basically the same as the same period of the previous year; Dongfeng Honda's sales volume was 205,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 12.3%.
"I don't agree that Honda is a heavy punch on cotton." Indeed, Honda's sales this year did not appear to be much better, but the market feedback takes time. When consumers find that Honda's products are good, they will proceed. Word of mouth. "Honda Technology Industry China Minister Cang Shicheng said that although the shipments increased by only 5% year-on-year, the two joint ventures have absorbed a lot of inventory, so the terminal sales have reached the expected target. The remaining months In the time, we will work hard to achieve the goal set at the beginning of the year, and there is no plan to lower the target for the time being.
At the 2014 China Media Conference held on September 21st, Honda once again used FUNTEC technology as a breakthrough to focus on the experience of security performance and put forward the "you, the most precious" security technology slogan. “We found in the consumer survey that many Chinese consumers still have misunderstandings about Honda cars. They don’t know if this car is safe. Therefore, in the media conferences of the past two years, we have all focused on safety. Next year, our The theme is environmental protection.” Cang Shicheng said that Honda’s domestically produced models in China have reached the five-star safety assessment standard. After adopting FUNTEC technology, Honda models are equipped with collision mitigation braking systems and blind zone display systems. The first security technology.
In addition, Honda has also proposed a unique concept of “creating security” and actively develops a comprehensive security system that utilizes camera systems and radar integrated sensing technology. At the same time, on the basis of continuous research on automation technology, communication technology is used to realize future security technologies such as coordinated autopilot systems for vehicles, pedestrians and the environment. At this media conference, the reporter personally experienced Honda's comprehensive safety technology and coordinated automatic driving system.
"At present, I am afraid that no company dares to say that it can launch a mass-produced driverless car." Cang Shicheng believes that the autopilot system may be applied to highways in the future, but on the roads with more pedestrians, driverless cars It may be difficult to achieve for a long time to come.
It is reported that the new Odyssey and the new Platinum Core and other new models are equipped with collision mitigation braking system, blind zone display system and other technologies. Guangjun Honda executive deputy general manager Yu Jun told reporters that although the current data, the data of Guangben is not very good. The first two months of Lingpai were affected by the launch of new cars such as New Corolla and Ralink. In August, it has recovered to 14,000, and the new Fit has surpassed POLO, becoming the first in the market segment. The new Odyssey is only listed on the market. In the month, orders have exceeded 6,000 units. At present, the only thing that hurts him most is the Accord, because the price of entry-level luxury cars is constantly under pressure and the price of competing products is falling too fast.
In the face of the same dilemma, Dongfeng Honda's CR-V, as the leader of the SUV market segment, CR-V's performance is car-free, however, with more and more competitive models, CR-V in the past few There has also been a rapid decline in the month, which has put tremendous pressure on Dongfeng Honda. “I told the dealers at the beginning of the year that before the launch of Xinsi Platinum and XR-V, it will be the hardest time for Dongfeng Honda, but it is also an opportunity for companies and dealers to take the opportunity to change management mode. Chen Binbo, executive deputy general manager of Dongfeng Honda, believes that when the market is good, it is easy to generate inertia, which is the most terrible phenomenon of sales. With the launch of Xinsi Platinum at the end of the year and the launch of XR-V next year, Dongfeng Honda will completely change the status of “Golden Chicken Independence”. “The sales of Xinsi Platinum will be ten times that of the old models.”
However, it must be noted that the brand premium of Japanese cars in the hearts of Chinese consumers is not as good as before. Therefore, while improving product strength, there must be a clear understanding of the product market positioning, giving a more competitive The price of force.