IAA Intelligence: Knorr Intelligent Trailers Make Transport More Efficient

The 2014IAA Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany focuses on innovation and technology. In order to comply with the IAA theme slogan “Global Innovation Technology”, the German Knorr-Bremse Group will demonstrate innovative technologies that make trucks and trailers safer and more efficient. The high-tech products Knorr will exhibit are as follows:

- Shorter braking distance

- Innovative compressor technology, lightweight and low fuel consumption

- Electronic Parking Brake (EPB-Electronic Parking Brake) for cost-effective and comfortable safety

- Extensible brake control system

- Smart Trailer

Reduced braking distance

Through decades of experience in the braking field, Knorr was recently developing the latest technology to shorten the braking distance. The Knorr R&D engineer successfully achieves the goal of shortening the braking distance by optimizing the parts of the card trailer brake system without increasing the maximum braking torque. During the test, the truck with a 40-ton load was braked at an emergency speed of 85 km/h, and the braking distance was significantly shortened. The research and development of this technology can show that Knorr has been continuously innovating on the road safety of vehicles in the commercial vehicle field.

Innovative compressor technology, lightweight and low fuel consumption

Combining advantages such as light weight, low fuel consumption and high durability, Knorr introduced new screw compressors for commercial vehicles of common diesel engines. The compressor is ultra-quiet during operation, saving 1,700 liters of fuel per year by converting the power generated by braking into compressed air. This compressor is mainly used for large urban buses.

Previously introduced with the clutch compressor Knorr has been selling the market. The operating principle of the Electronic Air Control System of the Electronic Air Control System (EAC) is to close the compressor while depressing the clutch when it encounters a ramp or when overtaking needs to be accelerated; when the engine energy overflows, the deceleration of the brake is depressed. Much energy will generate compressed air into the compressor and allow the compressor to operate again. EAC achieves fuel savings by making full use of the engine's propulsion stage, accurate energy regeneration and improved energy-saving solutions. The EAC system can save the vehicle up to 1300 L per year.

Integrated Electronic Parking Brake (EPB-Electronic Parking Brake)

In addition to the existing functions, Knorr-Bremse additionally offers the electronic parking brake function (EPB) integrated into the Electronic Air Handling Unit (EAC). The main advantage this additional function brings to the truck manufacturer is the reduction of installation space and installation man-hours. Drivers can benefit from the new features of automatic parking brakes and additional safety features.

In 2015, Knorr will introduce a new generation of transmission electronically controlled gear control unit, abbreviated as AMT. An electronic gear control unit has realized the transformation of a conventional manual transmission into an automatic transmission capable of fully automatic shifting. AMT is already an indispensable component to improve comfort and reduce driver fatigue. Thanks to AMT, drivers no longer need to focus on manual shifts and can concentrate on driving. An optimized shifting method (system selected by driving conditions) means that AMT can significantly improve fuel economy and increase the drive between trailers and trailers compared to conventional manual transmissions.

Another newly developed product is a shift module designed for a double-clutch transmission equipped with a heavy truck. This allows the truck to shift gears quickly within the clutch and gearbox, and the power flow will no longer block the shift. This greatly increases the ease of driving and the fuel saving space of the vehicle. This shift module will be available at the end of 2014.

The future belongs to a scalable brake control system

Knorr's electronic system has always been the company's best-selling product. High-tech products such as ABS (Antilock Braking System), ASR (Drive Slip Adjuster), EBS (Electronic Braking System), and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) are essential systems for controlling vehicle stability and safety. For this IAA, Knorr will exhibit two new high-tech systems, APU (air handling unit) and BRIC TABS (especially ABS systems developed for trailers).

The APU is a compact air module unit that includes an air dryer and a multi-circuit protection valve. This system is not only cheap but also easy to maintain. The BRIC TABS system is an anti-lock system developed specifically for trailers. It offers a variety of mounting options and is attractively priced.

Smart trailer

An intelligent (iLvl) elevator control system developed by Knorr can effectively adjust the height of the trailer. This system is installed in the braking system, so the trailer equipped with this system can be raised faster than ordinary trucks. Or lower. The system also has pneumatic control buttons that can be raised and lowered when the trailer is not connected to the traction device.

Another iTAP system allows users to download this system's app on their mobile phone and control the trailer remotely through the mobile phone. It can also transmit the car status to the mobile phone. Key information, including tire pressure or vehicle weight, can be monitored.

On September 27th and 28th, the third champion of the European Truck Racing Championship Jochen Hahn will be on display at Knorr's booth A30 in hall 17 to sign the conference. At the same time, there will be Knorr's truck driving simulator in the open space of Hall 17, where visitors can show their driving skills.

Knorr at the IAA booth:

- Booth A30 in Hall 17

- Outside of the 17 exhibition hall

- iTAP technology is on display in the VDA Innovation Booth (Northern Outer Space at Hall 26)

- Booth A28 in Hall 23