Static acid pressure performance tester operating procedures

Static acid pressure performance tester operating procedures

I. Main purpose ZF-631 hydrostatic pressure testing device is developed according to the latest national standard GB24540-2009 "protective clothing protective clothing for acid and alkali chemicals" appendix E. It is specially used to test the hydrostatic resistance of fabrics of acid and alkali chemicals. Ability to express the resistance of the agent to the fabric through the static pressure of the fabric.

Second, the instrument structure Instrument structure mainly includes the following parts:

1. Sample holder 2, waste fluid recovery beaker 3, addition funnel 4, exhaust fan 5, test box 6, transmission section (not shown on the diagram)

Structure diagram Schematic diagram of the operation panel III. Instrument conforms to the standard "GB24540-2009 protective clothing, acid and alkali chemicals, protective clothing" Appendix E

Fourth, the main technical indicators 1, the rising rate of liquid surface: 610 ± 10mm/min

2, sample specifications: φ32mm

3, power supply: AC220V50Hz100W

V. Operation Description 1. Sampling Take 3 samples from the finished protective clothing. The sample size is φ32mm.

2. Test procedure (1) First turn on the "power switch" on the front panel of the test box.

(2) Press the "Reset" button to reset the sample column.

(3) Use a diverting rod to inject the previously prepared reagent (80% sulfuric acid or 30% 30 sodium hydroxide) into the addition funnel.

Press “Pressure” and carefully observe the clamp. When the liquid level is flush with the top of the clamp, press “Stop” quickly.

The prepared specimen is clamped on the fixture, taking care to ensure that the surface of the specimen is in contact with the acid. During the clamping, it is ensured that the acid will not pass through the specimen due to pressure before the start of the test.

(4) Press the "Clear" button to clear the meter's initial reading. Press the "Pressure" button and the sample column rises at a rate of 610 ± 10 mm/min. Record the penetration time t.

(5) The sample is subjected to increasing acid pressure. At this time, the leakage of acid should be constantly observed. When the third bead appears on the sample, press “stop” to pressurize and record the static pressure at this time— Liquid column height, in mm.

The formula P=ρgh is used to calculate the hydrostatic pressure value of the sample. In the formula, ρ—the density of the reagent g—the gravitational acceleration h—the height of the liquid column (6) keep pressing the “empty” button until the pipeline The test solution is completely emptied. Press the "Reset" button to lower the test liquid column lifting device to a low position. A test is completed. Press the "Clear" button to clear the meter's static pressure value.

(7) Repeat the above steps for the next test.

Sixth, matters needing attention 1, acid and alkali have a certain degree of corrosion, test personnel should wear anti-acid / alkali gloves, so as not to personal injury.

2. When the reagents are added, it is necessary to introduce the diversion tube slowly, and it is forbidden to pour it directly.

3. During the test, the glass door in the sample position must be closed.

4. If something unexpected happens during the test, please turn off the power of the instrument in time and clear it before using it again.

5. When the instrument is not used for a long time or when the reagent type is changed, the residual solution emptying operation must be performed! After completing this step, it is best to use a cleaning agent to repeat the test, emptying steps, and thoroughly clean the pipeline.

6, the instrument power supply should have a reliable grounding!

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