Excavator relief valve noise causes

Relief valve easy to produce high-frequency noise, mainly due to unstable pilot valve performance, that is, the pilot valve pre-cavity pressure caused by high-frequency vibration air vibration noise. The main reasons are:

(1) Air is mixed with air and cavitation occurs in the pilot chamber leading to high frequency noise. At this point, the air should be drained in time to prevent the outside air from re-entering.

(2) When the needle valve is worn frequently due to frequent opening during use, the conical surface of the needle valve can not be in close contact with the valve seat, leading to instable pilot flow and pressure fluctuations resulting in noise. At this time, the valve should be repaired or replaced promptly.

(3) The pilot valve due to spring fatigue deformation caused by its unstable voltage regulating function, making the pressure fluctuations caused by noise, this time should be replaced by spring.

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