[Meter's Latest Patent] An Intelligent Water Meter with Filtering Function

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, we introduce a national invention-issued patent - a smart meter with a filtering function. The patent was applied for by Tianjin Chenggang Technology Development Co., Ltd. and was authorized on March 13, 2018.
Content Description
The invention relates to the technical field of smart water meters, in particular to a smart water meter with a filtering function.
Background of the invention
The water meter is a meter for measuring the water flow. Usually, the water flow drives the impeller to rotate, and the rotation speed of the impeller is measured to realize the measurement of the water flow. The water meter is widely used in various fields of life and production. The water meter has certain requirements for the working environment. When the water quality is good, it can be measured continuously and stably. However, the environment that needs to use the water meter is not an environment with good water quality. When the water quality is turbid, it is easy to produce a water meter that is blocked by the impurities contained in the water. In cases where the light affects the accuracy of the meter's measurement data, it may even completely block the meter, causing the meter to fail to perform its work and inflicting great inconvenience on life and production.
Summary of the Invention
In order to solve the existing problems, the present invention provides an intelligent water meter with a filtering function to overcome the situation where the water meter is turbid when the water quality of the work environment is turbid, and it is easy to cause the meter to be clogged with impurities in the water, and the light affects the accuracy of the meter data. In severe cases, the water meter may even be completely blocked, causing the water meter to be unable to work, causing great inconvenience to life and production.

The figure is a schematic structural view of the present invention
The technical solution adopted by the invention is: an intelligent water meter with a filtering function, including a water meter device, an impeller device, and a filter device; the water meter device includes a water meter, a transparent shell, a water outlet pipe, and a water inlet pipe, and a transparent shell is fixedly connected at the top of the water meter; The impeller device comprises an impeller shell, an impeller shaft, an impeller and an impeller gear. The impeller shell is connected with an impeller rotation shaft through a bearing. A top end of the impeller shaft is fixedly connected with an impeller. A bottom end of the impeller shaft is connected with a metering device of a water meter, and the impeller shaft is connected with a water meter and an impeller shell. The impeller position is fixedly connected with the impeller gear; the filtering device includes a filter shaft, an active sleeve, a filter turntable, a filter gear, a filter frame, a strainer, a lug, a joint and a filter housing, and the filter housing is connected through a bearing to a filter shaft. The top of the shaft is fixedly connected with a filter turntable, and the bottom end is connected with the upper surface of the water meter through a rotary joint. The position of the filter shaft on the water meter and the filter housing is connected with a filter gear through an activity sleeve; the filter frame is connected with a filter through a mounting ear; Net, lug with joints; impeller shell A hollow filter housing cavity structure, through line Unicom, and is fixedly connected to the impeller housing also communicated with the outlet pipe, is fixedly connected to the filter housing and further into the pipe Unicom.
Further, the size and shape of the strainer frame cooperate with the strainer. The top cover of the filter housing is removable. The filter carousel is uniformly connected with at least three filter frames. The impeller gear and the filter gear are matched to each other and can be meshed together.
The beneficial effects of the present invention are as follows: The present invention provides an intelligent water meter with a filtering function. A filter device is disposed at the front end of the impeller device to perform first-pass filtration on the water to prevent the water meter from being clogged with impurities contained in the water, and at the same time, the impeller shaft Both the filter shaft and the bottom of the shaft are equipped with gears. The rotation of the impeller drives the rotation of the filter shaft. Multiple filters are used to filter influent water at the same time, reducing the loss of a single filter, and avoiding the influence of excessive loss of the filter and the measurement of the water meter. At the same time, it also extends the maintenance period of the filter device, bringing great convenience to life and production.
For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.
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