18-bit SAR ADC will be introduced

18-bit SAR ADC will be introduced With industry-leading throughput, best-in-class noise floor, and high linearity, ADI recently introduced the AD7960, an 18-bit PulSAR® analog-to-digital converter with a throughput of 5 MSPS, which is all existing SARs (successive approximation) Two times the register) converter.

The AD7960 PulSAR analog-to-digital converter is designed for low-power signal chains, multiplexed systems (such as digital X-ray), and oversampling applications (including spectrometers, MRI gradient control, and gas spectroscopy).

Unlike other 18-bit ADCs that achieve high sample rates at the expense of power and accuracy, the AD7960 consumes 39 mW at 5 MSPS throughput and is specifically optimized for excellent dc linearity (+ /-0.8 LSB INL) and AC performance (99dB SNR), even at full throughput. This new converter also has the best-in-class noise floor relative to its full-scale input (22.4 nV/√Hz), combined with a smaller package size, to help designers solve common problems in high channel density systems Space, cooling, power consumption and other key design challenges.

ADI also recently introduced the AD7961 16-bit PulSAR analog-to-digital converter, which achieves excellent signal-to-noise ratio (95.5 dB) and INL (+/- 0.2 LSB INL) at 5-MSPS throughput.

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