High-voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester adopts high stability device

The main performance and features of the instrument
(1) The instrument uses a high stability device. Floating, large-area, digital filtering and other anti-jamming technologies.
(2) The instrument is equipped with two types of displacement sensors, which are suitable for detecting high-voltage circuit breakers with different distances, speeds, and precision requirements. After different sensors are inserted, the instrument will automatically recognize them. The instrument can automatically recognize the operation of the high voltage circuit breaker (separation) gate and the reclosing operation, and automatically collect all kinds of data after the operation. The measurement calculation process is done automatically by the CPU.
(3) The instrument has automatic recognition ability and strong self-protection function for the wiring error of the high-voltage circuit breaker during measurement and the wrong instruction and unsuccessful operation.
(4) The instrument's sequence of coincident (sub-) gates and the actual closing time of each fracture shall be displayed. It provides the basis for repairing and debugging the three phases of the high-voltage circuit breaker in different phases and different phases of the same phase. The data is automatically displayed with 0.1 milliseconds of data.
(5) The instrument measures the stroke and overtravel of the moving contact. As long as the sensor is installed on the fracture of any phase of the high voltage circuit breaker, the trip and overtravel data of each three-phase fracture can be measured and calculated at the same time. The measurement accuracy is 1% second meters.
Measurement accuracy and error

Flocking PVC

PVC flocking is a high-end packaging and decorative material formed by electrostatic flocking treatment on the PVC sheet. It has a wide range of uses, such as embossing patterns on clothing, high-end watches, voltage packaging belts for fountain pens, and flocking inflatable beds. , Inflatable pillow fabrics, bags, handbags, ski boots, etc. are

PS flocking embossed sheet for use (wine packaging),
PS beige flocking, the color is not limited

Material PVC
Color Opaque, Translucent or Transparent in customized color as Pantone no. or colour sample

According to GB (higher than GB)

Application - Vacuum forming (tray, bubble shell)

- Printing, folding boxs

- Furniture panels

Special Treatment Metalized, Anti-UV, Waterproof, Antistatic, Anti-scratch, Cold Resistance, Anti-fog, Fire Retardant
Impact Strength(cut) (four-way)KJ/M2 ≥5.0
Tensile-Strength(lengthwise, crosswise), MPa ≥52.0

Vicat softening point, °C

Decoration plate

Industrial plate




Diagonal line

Deviation 0-3mm
Deviation 0-8mm

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thickness 0.1-1mm
material pvc ,ps ,pp...
width 100-1500mm
usage PVC flocking film packing for cosmetics jewelry...

flocking PVC ps (1)

flocking PVC ps (2)

Flocking Rigid Pvc,Flocking Rigid Pvc Sheets,Flocking Pvc Velvet Sheets,Pvc Flocking Plastic Sheet

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