How to improve the accuracy of lighting project budget?

How to improve the accuracy of lighting project budget?
First, pay attention to the construction plan budget
The construction drawing budget is accurate, which can provide a lot of reference for the project completion settlement and reduce the workload of the pre-settlement.
First of all, accurately calculate the quantity of work. The calculation of the project volume is the main link for the preparation of the construction plan budget. It is the most complicated process in the entire budget preparation process. It has the most work hours and the most potential for error. The engineering quantity is the main data of the entire budget and is calculated. The foundation, therefore, must grasp the accuracy of the quantity of work. Accurately calculate the quantity of the project must be familiar with and understand in detail all the construction drawings and all the design technical data, and calculate according to the quantity calculation rules, which is conducive to reasonably and accurately dividing the project according to the relevant provisions of the quota.
Second, the correct price. Pre-settlement must actually reflect the actual cost of the project objectively and objectively. Therefore, the arbitrage price can not be determined by which item the unit price is higher. When arbitrage, the specification in the quota book, the work content and the unit price should be mastered and used. Similar engineering budget books and corresponding quotations will be used to compare the arbitrage price to reduce the missed probability. For projects with a fixed value, projects based on their own experience can be combined with actual construction conditions to determine the consumption of labor, materials, and machinery, and the unit prices that are consistent with the actual construction can be determined fairly and reasonably.
Finally, pay attention to the preparation of the top settlement drafting statement, and systematically explain the basis for budget preparation and some of the problems encountered during the preparation process, as well as the main workload of the entire project, so as to improve and supplement the preparation of the budget. , to ensure the accuracy of project settlement work.
Second, in-depth construction site, master first-hand information of the project
The accuracy of project pre-settlement is closely related to the understanding of on-site construction conditions, construction methods, construction machinery, related design changes, visa projects, etc., and it is necessary to truthfully obtain this information must be in-depth construction site. At present, disputes about the completion of construction of both A and B projects are often controversial. In many respects, it is because there is no deep construction site and no accurate information is collected. The information provided by Party B is often considered to be false by Party A. In-depth construction site, you can get real first-hand information, but also can help the site management personnel do a good job visa work, improve the accuracy of settlement, reducing the dispute between A and B parties. At the same time, in-depth construction site, easy to make the construction drawings associated with the actual building, to avoid calculations, to improve the pre-clearing ability, etc. have a certain role.
Third, good at finishing settlement data
Information related to settlement includes: as-built drawing, contract, drawings and auditing records, construction organization plan, design change notice, project negotiation record, engineering technology plan, on-site visa credentials, etc. The above information is the necessary information for the preparation of a project statement. As a clearing house, you should be accustomed to accumulate construction work and store them in separate categories for easy search and familiarity with their contents.
Fourth, good at finishing (calculation) change project
The project settlement is based on the project budget. It is based on the actual occurrence of the project to complete and supplement the project budget, and ultimately determine the project settlement cost. Therefore, the accurate calculation of the change project is the key to project settlement. In general, there are many major engineering and process complex engineering changes. Prior to the calculation, the contents of the draft review record and the contents of the design change notice are revised and a complete set of construction drawings is revised to allow for change calculations. At the same time, changes are made. The settlement must be timely, if left to be calculated after the completion of the project, it will easily result in missing items due to the change, or it may overlap with the amount of the project budget plan. In the process of calculating changes, change drawings and change notices should be cleared at any time so that the project settlement can achieve the objectives of “precise”, “fast”, “fine” and “complete”.
V. Collect relevant information and do a good job of data accumulation
Project cost information is the basis for pre-settlement work. Only by continuously collecting, accumulating, and updating can the pre-settlement work be completed more quickly and accurately. Not only should pay attention to the relevant contents of the “Project Cost Information”, but also systematically sort out the economic analysis examples among them, and do a good job of accumulating the data of engineering and economic analysis, and provide important methods for the future selection of economical and reasonable design methods for the project. data. In short, the rapid and accurate preparation of project pre-settlement requires us to seriously study, make bold explorations, and strive to practice and constantly update our knowledge and skills. On this basis, we conclude a set of measures to improve the accuracy of project pre-settlement to facilitate future work. application.
Introduction: The project budget is very important for the project owner. It will inevitably cause unnecessary waste in the budget, and even lead to corruption. If the budget is low, the construction progress will be affected and even the payment of wages will be affected. To improve the accuracy of the project budget is a compulsory course for all of you. Share an article today to teach everyone how to improve the accuracy of the project budget. Hope to help everyone!

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