How much does the vaccine cold chain car know?

We had many needles in our childhood, but who knows what the preservation of the vaccine is like? Most of us have only seen doctors taking potions from refrigerators or other refrigerated or refrigerated devices, and they do not understand what is guaranteed by their biological activity during transportation. The vaccine is injected into the human body to reduce the toxicity of the virus. Since it is active, the requirements during transportation are even higher.

Because vaccines are a highly temperature sensitive commodity, temperatures above 2-8 degrees Celsius must be destroyed. Therefore, first, vaccine cold chain cars must provide a certain low-temperature environment. Vaccines, as an important item of the national health department, are strictly controlled in their transportation, storage, and use links. Verification and inspection, after all, is a major issue that affects many people's physical health. During transportation, it is also necessary to record and measure the temperature of the car at regular intervals so that the temperature inside the car can be known at all times. In simple terms, the vaccine cold chain car is a kind of transport storage and refrigeration equipment that is produced to ensure the safety of the vaccine production process to the enterprise or the health unit, and because of the special nature of the vaccine, its shipment must also be Certain temperatures may be used. In some emergency situations, simple devices such as incubators may be used. However, in practice, it may have some effect on the effectiveness of the vaccine. To guarantee the successful delivery of the vaccine, it is necessary to make cold storage a cold chain. I think this is the origin of the cold chain car.

Because of the special nature of cold-chain cars, the state also has strict control over its standards and avoids major medical accidents. Below I simply list the parameters of the vaccine cold chain car.

It can be seen that the production conditions of vaccine cold chain cars have many hard rules, and one cannot be sloppy. To a certain extent, it determines the degree of response of the medical department in the face of large-scale infectious diseases.

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