Can light car c1 open?

Can we open the light box car c1 ? We have to look at the issue from two perspectives. One is the type of light box truck, and the other is the type of car that the C1 can drive. If the car that C1 can open includes the type of a light van, the driver with this car can drive the car, and vice versa. The corresponding qualifications that should be taken can drive the truck. Let's conduct specific analysis and introduction below.


First of all, first look at what types of cars the C1 can open. C1 driver's license can drive vehicles include: small cars, small automatic cars, low-speed trucks, three-wheeled cars. For blue-brand trucks, minivans, light goods vehicles, minivans and minivans should be indicated on the driving book. There are specific instructions on which drivers can drive on the driver's license. Therefore, these questions should be clarified when the driver's license is examined.

Second, there are some cases of light vans. According to the situation of C1 , as long as it is a light truck, the definition of this vehicle should be based on specific conditions. There are many types of light vans manufactured by the manufacturers, and the driving conditions of the operators are not fully taken into account during production. We need to confirm the situation of the vehicles ourselves. The range of light vehicles we usually refer to should be within 2 tons, and the length should not exceed 6 meters, and the vehicle is blue. It should be noted that if the vehicle is used for operations, it also needs the “Practical Grade Qualification Certificate” for general cargo transportation so that the vehicle can be driven on the road.

Finally, relevant specific regulations. In different places there are specific regulations for the driving requirements of the vehicles. They should see the relevant requirements in their own area. It is advisable to consult the traffic management department about the type, tonnage, length, etc. of the car that C1 could open before using the vehicle. If it is clear, use it again. Otherwise, it is necessary to bear the corresponding responsibility.

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